"Put the needle on the record..."

An Awesome Alliterative Album: Rebellious Mixtape #12

Can you create a good album with songs by alliterative artistes? Rebellious Mixtape will be your music and your friend

Before social media became a thing, we used to stand out from the competition by using catchy names and jingles. ‘Murray’ would always rhyme with ‘hurry’ among Baby Boomers because of a 1950s advertising jingle.

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The First 39 Tunes on Piccadilly Radio: A Past of the M60 Rebellious Mixtape Special

Ever wondered what the first ten tunes on Piccadilly Radio were? Your questions have been answered

On this day in history, Piccadilly Radio began broadcasting 44 years ago. The first voice on Piccadilly Radio was Roger Day. As for the first record, that was The Beach Boys’ Good Vibrations. What company may you ask had the first advert on Piccadilly Radio? It was the North Western Regional Gas Board. With the tagline “The North Loves Gas Best”.

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Nutritionally Incorrect Anthems: A Feast of the M60 Rebellious Mixtape (Volume #11)

20 Golden Greats, of the nutritionally incorrect variety

Burger King, Manchester
24 Hours from Whopper: Burger King, Mosley Street, Manchester. Image by Mikey (Creative Commons License – Some Rights Reserved).

Take a good look through your record collection. Can you think of any memorable songs or instrumental tunes extolling the joys of Iceberg Lettuce? Have you heard of a concept album dedicated to tofu? Or even a song? Well, apart from Killer Tofu by The Beets (the fictitious group in Nickelodeon’s/Jumbo Productions’ animated series, Doug), little of note. Continue reading “Nutritionally Incorrect Anthems: A Feast of the M60 Rebellious Mixtape (Volume #11)”

Rebellious Mixtape #10: One After 409

A musical tribute to the 1978 version of Rochdale Bus Station

Rochdale Bus Station, 2006 (retro style)
The old version of Rochdale bus station, photographed in 2006 (1978 – 2013).

Nostalgia’s a strange thing. I love the latest version of Rochdale bus station because of its improved tram connections and how everything is under one roof. No trying to run across roadways to catch a 528 for Halifax (because of the 409 being on the opposite platform). It is everything a modern transport interchange should be. Continue reading “Rebellious Mixtape #10: One After 409”

East of the M60’s Summer Mix – Rebellious Mixtape #9

A special summertime jam for East of the M60

The schools have broken up for the summer holidays, and the sunshine has inspired this playlist. For once, I shall break with the usual Rebellious Mixtape rules and consider a possible continuous playlist.

Let’s have it!

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Rebellious Mixtape #8: The Greatest Narcissistic Personality Album in the World… Ever

Definitely not available in any shops, or on your favourite tax-dodging online retailer’s website either

Some time ago, I was with a good friend of mine and on the M56 motorway near Preston Brook, there was this Beyonce song which epitomised Dependent Personality Disorder. The lyrics – the drippiness of it all, mawkish, pleading nature – rubbed us up the wrong way. Shortly after boarding a train from Manchester Airport to Stalybridge, I hit upon the idea of a compilation album. It could have been called AC/DPD, as a nod to the seminal Anglo-Australian heavy rock group.

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Rebellious Mixtape #7: Nightlife on Old Street – The Official Soundtrack Album

Suggested soundtrack inspired by Ashton-under-Lyne’s pubs and clubs

The streets of Ashton-under-Lyne is far from busy on Fridays and Saturdays these days as many may well know. If you walk along Stamford Street these days, it is hard to imagine how many clubbers went from pub to club or vice versa. It is both hard to imagine and upsetting as to how things have transpired in the last decade. Modernisation of the Stamford Street West and Central area meant the loss of some iconic pubs. The King William IV is now a car park; today, seven checkouts and a bag-packing area are on the site of The Spread Eagle. Continue reading “Rebellious Mixtape #7: Nightlife on Old Street – The Official Soundtrack Album”

Apocalypse Now That’s What I Call Music – Rebellious Mixtape #6

A special Rebellious Mixtape to commemorate the end of the Mayan Calendar

If you don’t see this post by 1111 Greenwich Mean Time, our fellow Mayan comrades of old may well have been right. Even though there’s no scientific evidence of forthcoming asteroids or polar shifts, East of the M60 still decided to devise an opportunist playlist. In the good old Ronco/K-Tel kind of way, of course. Including the token Dollar track.

It has more twists than Conservative party policies, or the sum total of thrill rides in all amusement parks throughout the UK. Apocalypse Now That’s What I Call Music* is brilliantly executed, compulsive, sensational**, eclectic and – quite thankfully and rightly (because the playlist May Cause Mild Peril) – not available in any shops. Or anywhere else. At all.

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Rebellious Mixtape #5: Music for Barbecues

At last, the sun has arrived!

East of the M60 are celebrating the sun’s debut for the two thousandth and twelfth year of our Lord. The last two days has seen the sunshine make a welcome appearance to our often rain sodden skies. So much so that our rebellious mixtape should be called Briquette Rocking Beats.

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Rebellious Mixtape #4: The Unofficial Adam Curtis Soundtrack Album

Brought to you by the fictitious Stuco Records label

NOT AVAILABLE for a fiver from your nearest Woolworth’s store. Edited from the original image by Chris Angle.

Adam Curtis is a great investigative journalist known for the documentaries All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace, The Trap, and The Power of Nightmares. As well as his insightful and accessible prose, the special sauce of his works lie in his use of archive film and music. It is the latter part which inspires our first Rebellious Mixtape for many a while. Continue reading “Rebellious Mixtape #4: The Unofficial Adam Curtis Soundtrack Album”