Go Cheapway… to Tandle Hill

‘Open my eyes and look around/Colours and concepts I confound…’*

Tandle Hill woodland (black and white)
As Tandle Hill was a favoured meeting place for Radicals and Socialists, Beech trees were planted to stop future meetings, leaving us this lovely woodland. Suffice to say, I am none too happy as to why they planted the trees in the first place, but then again…

The idyllic woodland of Tandle Hill Park belies its footnote in labour history. Up to the Peterloo Massacre, it was a meeting place for Radicals and reputed to used for drilling and practicing up to the 16 August 1819. Following on from the events which led to the Great Reform Act and other progressive legislation, it became a private game reserve of the Thornham Estate, who also planted the Beech trees.

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