Rebellious Mixtape #5: Music for Barbecues

At last, the sun has arrived!

East of the M60 are celebrating the sun’s debut for the two thousandth and twelfth year of our Lord. The last two days has seen the sunshine make a welcome appearance to our often rain sodden skies. So much so that our rebellious mixtape should be called Briquette Rocking Beats.

Without further ado, pop pickers… Continue reading “Rebellious Mixtape #5: Music for Barbecues”

Cheesy Tunes Bites Back: The Not So Perfect Ten

Another ten cheesy tunes in East of the M60’s Homage to Fromage

It is hard to believe that The Not So Perfect Ten series of posts began almost five years ago. The first one of many was ‘Cheesy Tunes’, where yours truly selected the choicest chunks of Cheshire ever to grace our turntable or digital music player. Continue reading “Cheesy Tunes Bites Back: The Not So Perfect Ten”

A Cheesy Tunes Case Closed: Whatever Happened to The Scoop

Long time mystery solved as to the whereabouts of an obscure group

Namechecked on this blog and the creator’s other social networking accounts more often than is necessarily healthy is a certain new wave band from Chippenham, Wiltshire.

Another pet subject of his involves the whereabouts of an obscure band which featured on his cherished copy of Chart Hits ’81. A fellow commuting friend introduced him to the band by means of a lovingly constructed mixtape, handed over to him one morning at Stalybridge railway station. Continue reading “A Cheesy Tunes Case Closed: Whatever Happened to The Scoop”

East of the M60 Plays Pop

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Popquizzen

As an antidote to the transport stuff and football, East of the M60 have let their hair down for a few minutes. By doing this, the creator has taken x amount of time to devise a pop quiz. Continue reading “East of the M60 Plays Pop”