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Boarshurst Silver Band’s Remembrance Day Concert (10 November 2019)

Another powerful performance from Boarshurst Silver Band in this year’s Remembrance Day concert

Remembrance Day: a time for contemplation, a time to remember the fallen, whether our siblings or ancestors served in the armed forces. A cathartic time, where we remember them in front of hundred or more people. Whether at Pots and Pans, Werneth Low, Parliament Square or St. Peter’s Square, we pay our respects.

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Boarshurst Silver Band Oldham Coliseum Ad

Coming to the Oldham Coliseum: Boarshurst Silver Band

Why you must see Boarshurst Silver Band at the Oldham Coliseum Theatre this Friday

No matter where you are, nothing beats the power of a good brass band concert. You can listen to brass bands on YouTube, on CDs, cassettes, or vinyl, but nothing beats seeing one in the flesh. You can be moved by stunning solo performances, tremendous trombone work, and the thrash of a good percussion and bass section.

The best place to watch a brass band in comfort is either in a purpose-built concert hall or a theatre. If your local brass band is doing theatre gigs, you know they have arrived. This Friday, Boarshurst Silver Band’s autumn concert will be taking place at the Oldham Coliseum Theatre.

This week’s autumn concert will be a traditional one, influenced by The Last Night of the Proms. There will also be a selection of traditional concert standards and a few stunning solo performances. Boarshurst Silver Band are no stranger to the Oldham Coliseum stage: they have made a few appearances in the Oldham Coliseum Theatre company’s production of Brassed Off.

In the last half decade, Boarshurst Silver Band have risen from the Third Section to the dizzy heights of the Championship Section. Next year, the Greenfield-based band will be up with the likes of Black Dyke, Brighouse and Rastrick, Cory, Fairey and Foden’s brass bands. To be up to the challenge of being a force among brass banding’s elite, the hard work begins now.

In this year’s National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain, Boarshurst Silver Band came third. They were pipped at the post by Rainford and Unison Kinniel bands at The Centaur, Cheltenham. Both bands had hitherto been in the Championship Section. Only two years ago, Boarshurst Silver Band won the Second Section title at the same venue.

Boarshurst Silver Band’s success is down to local talent and a spirit of togetherness among Team Boarshurst. This is apparent throughout every concert and each contest they enter. Its members include up and coming brass band players of college age and seasoned campaigners.

If you wish to see a brass band that is truly going places, you must see Boarshurst Silver Band this Friday. Recent concerts with the band have been nothing short of amazing. Each programme has plenty of items to placate seasoned concertgoers as well as Mr/Mrs/Ms Average on the Middleton omnibus.

Don’t just take our word for it…

The concert begins at 7.30pm and admission is £15.00, whether you choose the stalls, circle or gallery. If you are making your way by public transport, the 180, 184 and 350 services to Saddleworth stop nearby. Your nearest Metrolink stop is Oldham Central. Oh, and you might bump into this fellow.

You can either book online via the Oldham Coliseum Theatre website, or call in to the Box Office (Monday – Saturday from 10am). Alternatively, telephone 0161 624 2829.

S.V., 16 September 2019.

Whit Friday: The Greatest Free Show on Earth

Boarshurst Silver Band Introduces The Whit Friday Challenge

Whit Friday Challenge introduced to ensure future of Saddleworth’s Whit Friday Band Contests

With rising costs, hosting The Greatest Free Show on Earth can be challenging. Each contest is made possible by its volunteers before, during, and after the event – from stewards to display board carriers. It also requires cooperation with local businesses, local authorities, and residents. It is a mammoth task, one that draws visitors from Denshaw to Friezland, and Top Mossley to Denton.

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Mass Brass 3: Saddleworth’s Brass Banding Bonanza

Why Dobcross Youth, Delph, Diggle, and Boarshurst Silver bands gave us 120 reasons to enjoy Saddleworth’s biggest night in brass band music

At Saddleworth Civic Hall, brass banding nights seldom get any bigger than the annual Mass Brass concert in Uppermill. Apart from any of Saddleworth’s bands hiring The Roly Polys as a support act, only the sight of 120 brass banders at twenty to ten could trump that. All four bands gave a good performance with a 30 minute set.

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Winter Gardens foyer, Blackpool

A Saddleworth Sweep in the North West Regional Championships

Boarshurst Silver Band lead the way among Saddleworth bands in the 2019 North West Regional Brass Band Championships

Blackpool’s Winter Gardens proved to be a happy hunting ground for some of Saddleworth’s brass bands. With thousands of brass band players and spectators descending on the iconic venue, the North West Regionals have a vibrant atmosphere of its own. For three of Saddleworth’s bands, the 2019 contest was one to remember.

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Boarshurst Silver Band, The Return: Sunday Night at the Boarshurst Band Club

Boarshurst Silver Band impress in ‘comeback special’

Was it really the 29 April 2018 when Boarshurst Silver Band last had a ‘bog standard concert‘? For one or two members of the live audience, myself included, we thought it was a year or two ago rather than seven months. Was it well and truly worth the wait? Of course.

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Boarshurst Silver Band’s Remembrance Day Concert (11 November 2018)

How Boarshurst Silver Band remembered the fallen in a slickly produced concert

The Pots and Pans Memorial which can be seen from all the Saddleworth villages. Image by Simon Wheatley, 2011 (Creative Commons License: Attribution-Some Rights Reserved).

More than anything, this year’s Remembrance Sunday had an added dimension. Not only did it fall on the 11 November (which is Armistice Day). This year also marks the centenary of the signing of the Armistice between allied forces and Germany.

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Music from the Big Screen: Boarshurst Silver Band’s Blockbusting Summer Concert

An Oscar-winning performance with an excellent mix of visuals, sumptuous whole band performances and great singing

The first Sunday in July has established itself in the brass banding calendar for two important dates. One of them is the Brighouse Hymn and March Contest won by Milnrow Band this year. Elland Silver Youth Band made a clean sweep in the youth prizes, and Wardle Academy Band picked up this year’s deportment prize.

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Boarshurst Silver Band: Sunday Brass at the Boarshurst Band Club

A sensational live performance from the resident band of The Mecca of Brass Banding

With Boarshurst Band Club playing host to many bands on a Sunday night (and some Saturday nights), the chances of seeing the house band are pretty rare. With the exception of its summer, Remembrance Sunday, and Christmas concerts, a bog-standard non-seasonal concert with Boarshurst Silver is a rarity.

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Saddleworth Comes to Blackpool! Boarshurst Silver Goes Fourth

Newly promoted First Section band gains fourth place spot in the North West Regional Championships

  • Oldham Band (Lees) wins First Section prize – and promotion to the Championship Section;
  • Second section joy for Middleton Band;
  • Plus a look at how our other local brass bands fared at Blackpool.

Empress Ballroom Winter Gardens Blackpool
The Empress Ballroom in its full glory. Image by Michael D. Beckwith, 2016.

Yesterday at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool, Boarshurst Silver Band and Oldham (Lees) Band both had a North West Regional Championships date to remember. The Greenfield-based band, conducted by James Garlick, have made waves in their short time as a First Section band. After clinching a Second Place prize at Brass At The Guild in Preston, they came fourth in the North West Regional Championships. Continue reading “Saddleworth Comes to Blackpool! Boarshurst Silver Goes Fourth”