SV Pablo Series Two launch picture

Zen and the Art of Children’s Television Theme Tunes

What makes a great children’s television theme tune?

What we watch in our formative years shapes the way we think in later life. It is the same with any good book, film, or theatrical production. The programme I have contributed to as a co-writer, Pablo, is making the same impression with children and parents on the autism spectrum. A one-act theatre show is on the horizon, and it should be up and running by the time our theatres start to reopen post-lockdown.

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Lucky Ladders screen grab (19 April 1991).

Crosswits, Coffee and Biscuits: Daytime on ITV, Late 1980s Style

Who remembers when morning daytime TV on ITV meant Crosswits instead of people at their wits end?

The 07 September 1987 was a seminal date in Independent Television’s history. Before then, all ITV franchisees from 9.25 am carried schools programming. Instead of The Jeremy Kyle Show or This Morning, viewers tuning into Granada or Central (other franchise holders were available) were treated to How We Used to Live, Middle English, or Stop, Look, Listen.

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On Reflection: The Joy of 3-2-1

A look at the bafflingly popular Yorkshire Television quiz show which ran for ten years

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