ITV Startup Music Through The Ages: The Not So Perfect Ten

Ten great pieces of television startup music used by ITV franchises Once upon, quite so long ago, there was a time before 24 hour television. Television channels used to start at around 9am or a little later, and finish at about the same time when most adults went to bed.

Things I Miss About Watching Television: The Not So Perfect Ten

East of the M60‘s first post of 2014 – and of course, first Not So Perfect Ten of the new year Today, we live in a digital age where the old conventions of watching television have died out. We used to sit in front of the box and watch similar programmes. Whether you liked Sale…

Lights, Camera… Atlantean! GM Buses’ Link With Weatherfield

East of the M60 on another lost bus route Today, a trip to Weatherfield is a tram ride away to MediaCityUK, or a X50 or 250 from Piccadilly Gardens. In recent times the production lot for Coronation Street, along with the ITV contractor formerly known as Granada Television, has moved to the banks of the…

Less Remembered 1980s Children’s Programmes #1: Hold Tight

Our first of many posts on children’s television programming of the 1980s 1982 called East of the M60 HQ just now. It was looking for a copy of Ronco’s Breakout album and wondered why King Trigger’s The River didn’t get the UK chart position it deserved. Subsequently, some person in Preppy attire came around with…

Televisual Gems of the 1980s: Connections

Granada Television’s forgotten teatime quiz show There hasn’t been a Televisual Gems of the 1980s post for a while on East of the M60. To commemorate ITV’s departure from Quay Street, our second entry came from Granadaland.