Lucky Ladders screen grab (19 April 1991).

Crosswits, Coffee and Biscuits: Daytime on ITV, Late 1980s Style

Who remembers when morning daytime TV on ITV meant Crosswits instead of people at their wits end?

The 07 September 1987 was a seminal date in Independent Television’s history. Before then, all ITV franchisees from 9.25 am carried schools programming. Instead of The Jeremy Kyle Show or This Morning, viewers tuning into Granada or Central (other franchise holders were available) were treated to How We Used to Live, Middle English, or Stop, Look, Listen.

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The Early Years of Nickelodeon on Sky

A look at the UK version of America’s most offbeat children’s channel

September 1993 saw the inauguration of transmissions on the Astra 1C satellite, positioned at 19.2ºE. From then on, British multichannel television came of age. BSkyB promoted its wealth of channels as the Sky Multi Channel package which not only included Sky Sports and Sky One, but also new arrivals like UK Living and Discovery. This along with UK Gold on Astra 1B, and The Children’s Channel on Astra 1A. Continue reading “The Early Years of Nickelodeon on Sky”