Foodbank Bus Delivery

Stagecoach Canteen Changes Sees Surplus Food Sent to Food Banks

Why Stagecoach Greater Manchester donated supplies to five food banks in the city region

Stagecoach driver Joanne Morgan unloads food donations from the bus to the food bank at United Estates of Wythenshawe.

There is a famous episode of On The Buses* when Luxton and District decide to change the canteen facilities. After a few complaints about the food portions and Messrs Butler and Co. wanting a bit more than two pork sausages, the canteen staff are replaced by a wall of vending machines. Thankfully, this didn’t happen with Stagecoach Greater Manchester, after a change of canteen supplier. Their changes left the canteens of our city region’s leading bus operator with an abundance of baked beans, a bounty of bread, and a cornucopia of coffee granules. Not to mention a multitude of meat pies.

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Alexander’s Last Ride: Farewell to the Volvo B10M

Special running day along 192 service from Piccadilly Gardens

Stagecoach Manchester Volvo B10M R982 XVM, Wellington Road South, Stockport
Farewell: the Volvo B10M, which was Stagecoach Manchester’s step entrance single decker of choice from 1997 to 2009 on many routes. Seen here is R982 XVM, drafted in at short notice from Hyde Road depot on the 04 April 2014.

After nearly 25 years of operation in Greater Manchester, the Volvo B10M will be a thing of the past. With the exception of driver training vehicles, Stagecoach in Manchester is set to give them a good send-off on the 14 November. Continue reading “Alexander’s Last Ride: Farewell to the Volvo B10M”