Schoolday Duplicate Services image

Tameside and Glossop School Duplicate Services

Important information for pupils and parents

With the schools reopening, albeit in the throes of a pandemic, the need for social distancing on public transport is greater than ever. At present, the most a double decker bus can hold is up to 35 passengers with no standees. In addition to this, parts of the government furlough scheme is winding down to encourage us all to return to working away from home, which could mean the return of the rush hour.

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In Pictures: Manchester’s Second Sinkhole

Exclusive pictures of yesterday’s sinkhole near the Mancunian Way

Photography by Adham Fisher

Paddock Street, just off the Mancunian Way in Ardwick, in the Ardwick Green area of the suburb. (Photograph by Adham Fisher, 2015).

So, what on Earth is behind Greater Manchester’s three sinkholes? Could Satan be wanting a slice of the Northern Powerhouse pizza? If so I suggest he or she coughs up the £329 Anytime Return fare from London Euston. Or make his or her way by other means. Continue reading “In Pictures: Manchester’s Second Sinkhole”