Brassband Rejkjavikur on the Uppermill Whit Walks

Whit Friday 2019 Results: Saddleworth Contests

East of the M60’s classified check on the Oldham and Saddleworth Area Whit Friday Brass Band Contest Results.

Brighouse and Rastrick Band maintain top spot in Saddleworth

Whereas Foden’s Band continue their stunning run in Tameside, Brighouse and Rastrick Band remain top dog in the Saddleworth contests. This year there was some stiff competition from Oldham Band (Lees).

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Whit Friday: The Greatest Free Show on Earth

Boarshurst Silver Band Introduces The Whit Friday Challenge

Whit Friday Challenge introduced to ensure future of Saddleworth’s Whit Friday Band Contests

With rising costs, hosting The Greatest Free Show on Earth can be challenging. Each contest is made possible by its volunteers before, during, and after the event – from stewards to display board carriers. It also requires cooperation with local businesses, local authorities, and residents. It is a mammoth task, one that draws visitors from Denshaw to Friezland, and Top Mossley to Denton.

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You Know You’ve Spent Too Long in Oldham If…

A wry look at the joys of East of the M60‘s other immediate locality

Before local government reorganisation in 1974, Oldham was large enough to warrant its own County Borough. On the 01 April 1974, this was superseded by Oldham Metropolitan Borough Council, taking in part of the West Riding of Yorkshire and a few Urban District Councils. This included municipalities in Royton, Chadderton and Failsworth. Continue reading “You Know You’ve Spent Too Long in Oldham If…”

The Mossley Basic Bus Strategy: 35 Years On

A look at Greater Manchester Transport’s 1980 changes and comparison with present services

Optare Solo First Greater Manchester MA51 AEW, Denshaw
A First Greater Manchester Optare Solo seen at Denshaw, terminus of the 354 service via Greenfield and Bottom Mossley.

The 20 July 1980 was a seminal date in the history of Mossley’s bus routes. Firstly it led to the extension of the 343 route to Oldham. Secondly, it led to the rise in importance of the 350 service. Today, both the 343 and the 350 link Mossley with Oldham; the latter via Uppermill. A lot of the 1980 changes set the framework for today’s services in and around the locality from Quick Edge to Micklehurst.

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Pies, Pints and Pictures: Ten Good Reasons to Enjoy the 343 Bus Route

Three eateries, four good pubs and three galleries – all along a single bus route

Enviro200 Stagecoach Manchester, MX11 HHF, Oldham bus station
Seen in Oldham bus station whilst operating the Saturday daytime service. Today, Stagecoach Manchester run the 343’s evening, Bank Holiday and Sunday journeys. Stott’s Tours also run the Saturday daytime service alongside its weekday journeys.


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Government Boundary Changes Prompt Green Light for Councillor Cutbacks

Campaigners win right to reduce number of councillors in Tameside by two-thirds

As 2010 saw the harshest spending cuts for several generations in the borough, there is one cutback some voters may well be in favour of seeing. In the local press and on the internet, some people have floated the idea of reducing the number of councillors.

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Oldham and Saddleworth Bus Service Changes, January 2014: People Power Prevails

Frequencies restored and upgraded on key First Greater Manchester routes.

  • Upgraded Sunday and Evening journeys on 180 and 184 services;
  • Half hourly frequency restored on 180 service.

First Greater Manchester, Enviro400, Oldham bus station
The 184 will see an increase in mid-evening and Sunday journeys. Following three consultation events, the 180 will see its daytime half hourly frequency restored. Seen here is SN12 AEX, an Enviro400 double decker about to depart for Huddersfield.

People power is behind most of First Greater Manchester’s latest service changes. Last October, the daytime service of the 180 from Manchester to Greenfield [Clarence Hotel] was cut from half hourly to once hourly. From the 28 January 2014, the 180 will revert to its pre-October 2012 frequency. Continue reading “Oldham and Saddleworth Bus Service Changes, January 2014: People Power Prevails”