Cityzap comparison map

Cityzap, TPE or National Express: Which Way from Manchester to Leeds?

How does Transdev’s brand new bus service measure up against the competition? East of the M60 takes a look.

From the 04 November, Transdev will offer another way of travelling from Manchester to Leeds. Known as Cityzap, it aims to offer a more affordable way between the two cities. At Manchester city centre, its terminus will be Chorlton Street, outside the coach station. There will be an additional stop on Piccadilly Gardens. Continue reading “Cityzap, TPE or National Express: Which Way from Manchester to Leeds?”

Moovit Uber Allies: Private Hire Service Integrated Into App

Moovit users in 22 countries and 131 cities set to benefit from new addition to app

In the last year, one private hire company more than anything has never been out of the press. Whether for good or bad reasons, Uber has been uttered on many a taxi or minicab themed discussion. In the last six months, Greater Manchester has seen its Uber footprint extend eastwards, towards most of the Tameside area. For many, it is a cheaper alternative to established minicab and Hackney Carriage operators. Continue reading “Moovit Uber Allies: Private Hire Service Integrated Into App”

A Northern Snub? Trans-Pennine Electrification ‘Paused’

Northern Powerhouse project put on back burner

Stalybridge Station, signal gantry
Nowhere Fast: the pausing of Trans-Pennine electrification plans is set to see most of Northern England condemned to another decade or so of ancient diesel trains.

The Northern Powerhouse has been dealt a body blow as plans to electrify the Trans-Pennine route have been ‘paused’. As quoted in Hansard, the Secretary of State for Transport, The Right Honourable Patrick McLoughlin MP (Conservative, Derbyshire Dales) stated that: Continue reading “A Northern Snub? Trans-Pennine Electrification ‘Paused’”

Countdown to Black Monday, 08 September 2014: Your Questions Answered

Everything you need to know about changes to evening peak fares this coming month

Class 153, Manchester Victoria, Platform 2
Another export from Workington: this stunning Class 153 which came from the same Lillyhall plant as your beloved Pacer unit in the previous article. Here’s the old roof, which is being dismantled and replaced by a new one. Paid for by yours truly, the squeezed commuter and even more squeezed casual traveller.

On hearing about the changes covered in our previous article, we at East of the M60 were aggrieved to say the least. Incensed because of the effects it would have on casual travellers. Fuming over this sanction being the most retrograde rail development in Greater Manchester since the arrival of the Class 142 Pacer unit. Continue reading “Countdown to Black Monday, 08 September 2014: Your Questions Answered”

DfT Imposes Evening Peak Restrictions on Northern Rail Users

Price of a cheap day trip set to double in September

  • Evening Ranger tickets face abolition;
  • Blow for Northern English nighttime economy;
  • Changes set to boost Metrolink patronage and increase road congestion.
Class 142 Pacer DMU, Manchester Piccadilly, post-rush hour
See this Pacer unit here: you’ve paid for this when it was one of many Leyland’s Nationals from Workington. Then you paid for British Rail to convert it into a DMU. Guess what? From early September, you’ll be paying even more for it if you wish to travel after 4pm!

From the 08 September, the price of a short train journey between 4.00 to 6.30pm is set to double on weekdays. Passengers wishing to travel by train throughout the Transport for Greater Manchester, Metro West Yorkshire and Travel South Yorkshire will be unable to use Off-Peak Day Return tickets during the evening peak. Continue reading “DfT Imposes Evening Peak Restrictions on Northern Rail Users”

Cuts Scene Investigation: Why Driver Only Operation Just Wouldn’t DOO

Future franchisees for Northern English rail franchises could ditch conductor guards.

Stalybridge Station, signal gantry
The recently opened eastern signal gantry at Stalybridge, viewed from the eastern end of the Manchester platforms.

Stakeholder Consultation: TransPennine Express Rail Franchise and Northern Rail Franchise (Rail North, June 2014)

The Department for Transport’s consultation on the future of Northern English railway services could see the successors of Northern Rail and First/Keolis Transpennine Express being forced to make cutbacks. Though amidst rising patronage, the DfT has suggested within its 86 page report: Continue reading “Cuts Scene Investigation: Why Driver Only Operation Just Wouldn’t DOO”

A Crossrail for the North? Time to Be Bold

HS3 in any form may be good for Northern England, but the basics need to sorted out first.

Rail patronage is booming throughout the UK, in spite of repeated stories about rising fares and substandard rolling stock. Northern England, where the terms of Northern Rail’s original franchise stymied any growth forecast, has seen record rises in patronage. Some of which partly through subsidised local fares or through necessity on journeys hitherto covered by local bus routes. Continue reading “A Crossrail for the North? Time to Be Bold”

HS3 from Manchester to Leeds? How About Holyhead to Hull?

Manchester to Leeds high speed route plans lack ambition, leaving out some of the other Northern Powerhouses.

Gideon can do fantasy, but he’s not the only dreamer. Having seen many a transport plan fall by the wayside, I still hope for better things for Northern England’s rail users. In the same way avid England fans have hoped to win the World Cup since 1966 onwards. As far as transport plans are concerned, I too can dream, but most of the time, they are just dreams. Such as a regular Stockport to Stalybridge service, or getting the 220/221 services back to pre-deregulation service levels (which are less likely than England winning the World Cup). Continue reading “HS3 from Manchester to Leeds? How About Holyhead to Hull?”

Gideon’s HS3 Plans? More Like HS2.5

Manchester to Leeds high speed route good in principle, but worthy of expansion.

So, two cheers for George Osborne’s announcement, ironically made in one of three Northern English museums slated for closure last June. Firstly, I agree with the case for faster speeds on Trans-Pennine railway service. Secondly, this could mean some newer trains over electrified lines as per the Northern Hub, scheduled for completion by 2018. Continue reading “Gideon’s HS3 Plans? More Like HS2.5”