The East of the M60 Interview: Tweed Brewing Co., Newton

A quick half with Sam and Dave Ward, and Anthony Lewis, founders of Tameside’s newest microbrewery

Image Is Everything: the slick graphics of the Tweed Brewing Company, fast becoming a familiar sight throughout the North West.

Just off the 346 route, in part of what used to be Weston Hyde’s base is a microbrewery that is making waves. Its upmarket approach has wowed drinkers young and old. Ultimately, they wish to experiment with new flavours and court younger drinkers aged 18 – 35 – the biggest growth area for cask conditioned ale. Before and after the interview, we had a look around the brewery itself, and I sampled half a pint of Black Shire Stout (4.5%), their latest addition.

On Friday [09 January 2015], yours truly spoke to Sam Ward, the founder of Tweed Brewing Co. Also his father and cofounder Dave Ward (a former firefighter who has made the transition from one pump to another), head brewer Anthony Lewis.
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