Christmas Comes Early for Oldham Mother

Stagecoach Manchester awards carer announced as Greater Manchester’s Unsung Hero

Unsung hero 002
Amazed: Marie Carslaw on being presented her award.

Here’s a nice Christmas story for you regarding a charitable Oldhamer. That of full time carer, Marie Carslaw. In a Stagecoach Manchester competition, she has been announced as the region’s unsung hero. Continue reading “Christmas Comes Early for Oldham Mother”

Happy World Autism Awareness Day

East of the M60 celebrates World Autism Awareness Day

This year, Tuesday 02 April is (other than the 39th anniversary of Piccadilly Radio’s launch) is World Autism Awareness Day. In the UK, there are 600,000 people with an Autism Spectrum Condition of some description. As a fellow autie, I believe that persons on the Autism Spectrum never get fair representation in public life, and in the benefits system (possibly made even harder from this week forward thanks to the abolition of DLA). The problem – and great joy – is that there is no homogenous form of autism, and this baffles the populace as much as the ruling classes. Which is why Social Security provision doesn’t fully address these concerns, leaving some worse off than they should be. (I shall leave the politics for another post). Continue reading “Happy World Autism Awareness Day”

Hidden Impairments and (Stubbornly Refusing to Claim) DLA

International Day of People With Disability, 03 December 2012: Why I Refused to Claim Disability Living Allowance

On account of having an Autism Spectrum Condition, I had had been told by friends and family that I should consider applying for Disability Living Allowance and Employment Support Allowance. Instead, I had opted for Jobseekers’ Allowance whilst unemployed, a decision which could have cost me an extra £20 – 30 per week on top of the present full JSA rate 0f £71.00. Being an in-work benefit as well as an out-of-work one, DLA and ESA would have tided me over if working a week or month in hand. It would have ensured eligibility for concessionary fares and free off-peak bus travel anywhere in England (good, though I would have lost out considering the number of peak hour journeys I make). Continue reading “Hidden Impairments and (Stubbornly Refusing to Claim) DLA”