Halloween Haunts By Bus

Ghostly bus routes in Greater Manchester

Halloween: it is a time of year associated with fancy dress as well as ghostly gatherings. It is a time noted for trick-treating, apple bobbing, and a bit of all round silliness. Of a horror variety of course. It also means films like Hocus Pocus and any instalment of the Halloween franchise.

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The 666 Rides Again: A Lost Bus Routes of Greater Manchester Special

A look at Greater Manchester’s lost bus route from Hell

If you celebrate Halloween (I personally don’t), we at East of the M60 hope you enjoy yourself and not get too giddy. Thanks to my recent attendance at the Museum of Transport in Cheetham, I was surprised to find that Greater Manchester Transport (or, more specifically, Lancashire United Transport under GMT’s ownership) had its very own 666 bus route.

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A Borough Divided: Tameside and Thatcherism

How Tameside was affected by Thatcher’s tenure as Prime Minister and her successors

Over the last generation and a half, the United Kingdom itself has changed beyond recognition. In living memory, several may remember three month waits for landlines, militant unions or the dullness of our country. Some may consider pre-1979 Britain as a much kinder, more equal place, transformed by the post-Second World War consensus led by the Beveridge Report and Clement Attlee’s Labour Government. Some thought Thatcherism was a breath of fresh air, others thought that Margaret Hilda Thatcher and her Government were evil incarnate. Continue reading “A Borough Divided: Tameside and Thatcherism”

666: The Number of the Bus

It will return, home once again… to Hell in a Half-Cab

Graphic image for 666 article
An appropriately hellish choice of vehicle for this image: an East Lancashire bodied Dennis Dart.

At the Deregulation 25 event on Sunday 23 October 2011, some numerical bus indicator based schadenfreude was inflicted on Manchester United supporting bus enthusiasts. Two Manchester City fans used their preserved buses to display the latest score from Old Trafford in the first Manchester derby of the season. From another point of view, it was an entertaining use of the indicator, though purists would have baulked at the use of ‘1 6’ instead of 53 for Old Trafford. Continue reading “666: The Number of the Bus”