Angela Heenan

How Gruffalo and Mouse Entertained Manchester Children’s Hospital Patients

Stagecoach Manchester marks ten years of fundraising with the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital charity

You could say that the book and the service bus were made for each other. Some operators have a library on their services where a small selection of books can be borrowed from a luggage hold. Before on-board WiFi became the rule, there was nothing better than a good book on the 219 out of work. Or your favourite newspaper. Some schools have acquired old buses for their own libraries.

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Ashton Bus Drivers’ Easter Cheer

Egg-cellent work for Tameside Hospital’s young patients

Stagecoach Manchester drivers from the Ashton depot with Lisa Edge and her mum. Photograph: © 2013 Tangerine PR Ltd
Stagecoach Manchester drivers from the Ashton depot with Lisa Edge and her mum. Photograph: © 2013 Tangerine PR Ltd

It is always nice to see a feel-good story, and especially one which Tameside Hospital is linked with. Kind hearted staff from Stagecoach Manchester’s Ashton depot played Easter Bunny for a day and donated over 230 chocolate Easter Eggs to the Children’s Ward at Tameside Hospital. Continue reading “Ashton Bus Drivers’ Easter Cheer”

Film Review: The Spirit of ’45

East of the M60 what is on probably one of the most important film releases of 2013

  • Dogwoof Productions/Film 4/Channel Four Corporation (94 minutes, Black and White/Colour, ‘U’ certificate);
  • Directed by Ken Loach.

Squalor, Ignorance, Want, Idleness, Disease: five words which the Liberal Lord Beveridge wanted to eradicate forever after the extreme poverty leading up to World War Two. Today, the party which his successors are in, are colluding with the Conservatives to revive Beveridge’s Five Giant Evils. ‘Squalor’ could refer to the inadequate accommodation people may be force to endure to avert the Bedroom Tax; ‘Ignorance’ could be expressed by the dominance of a Tory sycophantic press. Continue reading “Film Review: The Spirit of ’45”

Cuts Scene Investigation #2: Tameside’s NHS

The Health and Social Care Reform Bill and its effects on the Tameside area

In the Edwardian times, a regular feature of Tameside’s markets was a tooth puller. People would queue to have their bad tooth or teeth removed in public, and their cries would be drowned out by musicians.

On the 5th July 1948, such scenes would be confined to history, with the launch of the National Health Service. As a thank you for surviving a tumultuous few decades, Britons would receive free healthcare at the point of delivery, funded by National Insurance contributions. As a consequence of Aneurin Bevan’s plan, they would be freed from finding money to pay the doctor, or ambulance fees. This also led to greater awareness in health promotion, life expectancy rising and improved health overall. Continue reading “Cuts Scene Investigation #2: Tameside’s NHS”