P-P-Pick Up a Puffin: The Joys of Inexpensive Imitation Foodstuffs

Feast of the M60 looks at knock-off foodstuffs

Imitation they say is the best form of flattery. On the other hand, it’s a flagrant breach of intellectual property laws. At present, English and Welsh copyright laws allow some leeway for the use of logos in the context of parody. Well, so long as you are not piggybacking onto a well known brand and trying to steal their thunder because you’ve adapted the Coca Cola logo.

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Forgotten Fast Food Joints of the Last Half Century Extra #1: Huckleberry’s

Feast of the M60 looks at some more obscurities in the world of hamburger hawking

Several years ago, we did a Feast of the M60 Not So Perfect Ten on forgotten fast food joints. We included King John’s Restaurant in the now-missed Kings Hall shopping arcade in Oldham, and the Big Bite burger bar that was in the corner of Co-op’s Shopping Giant superstore.

Since 2012, the Great British Burger Market® has become a lot more competitive. Whereas McDonalds is top dog in the mainstream market, Five Guys and Gourmet Burger Kitchen have carved a niche at the premium end. In the middle ground, J.D Wetherspoon enjoys that position, once enjoyed by Wimpy. Where it trumps many of the burger giants is the fact it sells cask conditioned ales.

Alongside McDonalds and Wimpy, the close of the 1970s saw the rise of a third force in fast food in the South of England. It was Burger Queen’s first foray into the UK market. Enter Huckleberry’s.

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Anita Street BW image

Holland’s Potato and Meat Family Pie: A Feast of the M60 Pie Review

Feast of the M60 weighs up Holland’s latest addition

With the pandemic still doing its worst, you could be forgiven for thinking “hey, Feast of the M60 could be doing Banana Bread reviews.” Or that East of the M60 will be doing a three-page review on hand sanitisers with an equivalent of the Zzap! 64 Gold Medal going to Cussons’ Love Hearts hand sanitiser.

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Lost Items From The ‘Spoons Menu: A Feast of the M60 Not So Perfect Ten

Ten items we have loved and lost from the J.D. Wetherspoon menu

Kings Hall, Cheadle Hulme
A Lost ‘Spoons: appropriately for our post on lost Wetherspoons menu items we find a picture of a a former J.D. Wetherspoon house in Cheadle Hulme. Image by Adam Bruderer, 2010 (Creative Commons License: Attribution-Some Rights Reserved).

Few entrepreneurs would consider naming their business after a teacher they dreaded. In October 1979, Tim Martin did just that with a London pub. Nearly three decades on, it became one of Britain’s best loved (and equally most derided) brands. Today, any town centre worth its salt is not without a Wetherspoons house.

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The Correct Use of Sauce… on Chips: Feast of the M60

Feast of the M60’s forthright views on the correct use of tomato sauce, brown sauce, and similar condiments on chips

On this sceptred isle of ours (and countless other small islands around the UK mainland), there are several things that can never fail to polarise our nation. One is the long term effects of the 1979 – 97 Conservative Government. Another is the Laurel/Yanny sound played on our radio stations this week. Or the blue/black dress dilemma which reminded me of the Father Ted “priest socks” reference.

If there is one dilemma that is set to outlast our opinions on the above, it is something that is close to our hearts. The answer lies with your nearest chippy.

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Pub Food Classics: The Cheese Toastie

Feast of the M60 muses over what seems to be a dying art in public houses

East of the M60 does not endorse the use of borderline nationalism on this savoury snack. The opinions of the toastie are separate to that of this blog. And the person who photographed this image in 2012 (Image by Annie, Creative Commons License – Some Rights Reserved).

On the rare occasions that you go to the pub (for anything besides family occasions), you may fancy a quick snack with your pint. You yearn for something quite filling though not over facing. A quick sandwich, a tasty ham muffin or the like – anything besides pickled eggs, salted peanuts and crisps. Continue reading “Pub Food Classics: The Cheese Toastie”

Processed Food and Drink of the 1980s and Beyond: The Not So Perfect Ten

A tasty Feast of the M60 Not So Perfect Ten

Many Moons ago (well, the 27 May 2013 to be precise), we did an article on nutritionally incorrect processed food entitled ‘The Tinned Pie’s The Limit‘. In other words, the convenience food you can still get in a lot of supermarkets and discount shops. There was also another post entitled ‘Crimes Against Food‘ from July 2010 which coincided with the launch of Tesco’s Lasagne Sandwiches. This looked at, to some extent convenience food, and meatball butties.

For our Not So Perfect Ten, we have decided to look at some of the processed food you could get in the 1980s and beyond. Some of it has left our shelves unceremoniously with the Turkey Twizzlers, whereas some grace the deepest recesses of your local freezer centre. Others, we look upon with nostalgia and yearn for their return. Continue reading “Processed Food and Drink of the 1980s and Beyond: The Not So Perfect Ten”

Eminently Chicken Town: Over 31 Takeaways Hath Oldham Town Centre

Feast of the M60 on the fast food variety which has taken Oldham by storm

A stylised map of takeaways within Oldham town centre, based on fieldwork.

Imagine any of these scenarios: it is a Friday and you’re in the centre of Oldham. As a special treat instead of your usual butties or chemist chain’s meal deal, you fancy something different for your dinner. Or, it is the very same Friday, only 12 to 15 hours later after a few scoops in one of Oldham’s finest hostelries. You could have plumped for a pie or a fish supper. Or chips. Or a totalitarian burger on High Street. Continue reading “Eminently Chicken Town: Over 31 Takeaways Hath Oldham Town Centre”

Family Bucket Squabblefest: KFC versus Hyde Town Centre

Finger licking good or clucking awful? East of the M60 ponders over the fast food giant’s plans for a new Hyde outlet

The Cheshire town’s footballing side may be propping up the rest in Skrill Conference Premier and the local press’ letters pages carry, almost week in week out, the perils of parking in the town centre. On some occasions, there may be reference to the number of empty units and the stark piazza masquerading as an open market ground. Continue reading “Family Bucket Squabblefest: KFC versus Hyde Town Centre”

Raiders of the Ice Pop Charts: Ices of a Recent Past

Some forgotten, some out of circulation and a few still in circulation

The recent warm weather has got everyone at East of the M60 Towers in the mood for an ice cream or a lolly of some sort. Our local ice cream van plays the Match of the Day signature tune (my dog and I would prefer Tubular Bells, but that’s another story), but it hadn’t yet tempted me to leave the house for a 99 Cone with Raspberry or Hundreds and Thousands on.

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