Forgotten Fast Food Joints of the Last Half Century Extra #1: Huckleberry’s

Feast of the M60 looks at some more obscurities in the world of hamburger hawking

Several years ago, we did a Feast of the M60 Not So Perfect Ten on forgotten fast food joints. We included King John’s Restaurant in the now-missed Kings Hall shopping arcade in Oldham, and the Big Bite burger bar that was in the corner of Co-op’s Shopping Giant superstore.

Since 2012, the Great British Burger Market® has become a lot more competitive. Whereas McDonalds is top dog in the mainstream market, Five Guys and Gourmet Burger Kitchen have carved a niche at the premium end. In the middle ground, J.D Wetherspoon enjoys that position, once enjoyed by Wimpy. Where it trumps many of the burger giants is the fact it sells cask conditioned ales.

Alongside McDonalds and Wimpy, the close of the 1970s saw the rise of a third force in fast food in the South of England. It was Burger Queen’s first foray into the UK market. Enter Huckleberry’s.

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In Praise of the Wheatmeal Bun: Feast of the M60

Feast of the M60 visits an old friend

Wimpy, Huddersfield
The Lesser Spotted Wimpy Bar, Huddersfield: outside the M25 motorway, Wimpy Bars are a rare commodity. There are only four in North West England with only one in Greater Manchester.

A recent conversation with a fellow ‘Bridge fan on the joys of the Wheatmeal Bun in The White House is partly to blame for my most recent visit to this place seen above. Yesterday, I saw the same fan (also a real ale and rail fanatic like myself) whilst en route to Huddersfield. I had every intention of calling into the said town’s Wimpy Bar, albeit for a Spicy Beanburger. Continue reading “In Praise of the Wheatmeal Bun: Feast of the M60”