Montague Does One… Burton Quits Ashton

End of an era as Staveleigh Way shop closes at end of January

Going for a Montague
Burton’s Staveleigh Way branch: 1967 – 2015.


Burton, nationwide purveyor of smart suits and casual menswear, is set to end a 90+ year association with Ashton-under-Lyne. The retailer, part of Philip Green’s Arcadia Group will close its Staveleigh Way branch on the 31 January 2015 (this coming Saturday). Its sister retailer, Dorothy Perkins too, will cease trading from the same address. Continue reading “Montague Does One… Burton Quits Ashton”

Crimes Against Fashion: The Shell Suit

East of the M60 seldom sources syndicated content from other blogs. Not even other blogs which the creator of East of the M60 has contributed to. Tonight, I have helped a fellow blogger who manages the History Talks blog, so you may see the odd S.V. contribution re-blogged on here where appropriate in the near future.

Here’s the first of my contributions.

Acceptable in the 1990s: An A to Z of the Decade’s Popular Culture

A slightly irreverent look at a decade which spawned the internet, Cones Hotline and Gladiators

In the 1980s, local and national radio stations’ Golden Hour/Solid Gold Hour/whatever type of Golden Oldies slot would have focused on the 1950s and 1960s. Which was 20 – 30 years ago. Fast forwarding to 2013, the music of 20 – 30 years ago would include early Take That, the Pet Shop Boys, Bananarama and Duran Duran. The people who were nostalgic for Manfred Mann or The Beatles in 1983 may well have been in their 20s – 30s. Today they would have children who have flown the nest. Today’s twenty to thirty somethings may well be similarly nostalgic over the Shamen, East 17, and Boyzone.

Continue reading “Acceptable in the 1990s: An A to Z of the Decade’s Popular Culture”

Secondhand Wonderland: A Noob’s Guide to Charity Shops, Flea Markets and Reconditioned Goods

Sometimes, New Isn’t Always A Better Option

Kodak No.2 Brownie Cartridge Hawk-Eye, Model B
Purchased by the creator of this blog for the princely sum of £5.00 from a collectors’ shop in Glossop.

I’ve never been one for profligate spending habits. I may like my gadgets but I always buy based on need rather than impulse. If for example the latest lower case third vowel related item hits the streets, there’s no way you’ll see me outside the Manchester Arndale at 4am. My reasons are twofold: one, being an early adopter before the bugs are ironed out isn’t always a good idea; and two, I like my bed too much. Continue reading “Secondhand Wonderland: A Noob’s Guide to Charity Shops, Flea Markets and Reconditioned Goods”