Bus Regulation The Musical: The Review

How Ellie Harrison’s show brought us fifty years of Greater Manchester transport history on wheels Bus Regulation The Musical. Manchester Art Gallery, 28 September 2019 (2pm and 3pm). Produced by Ellie Harrison. I could think of several ways of spending half an hour of my leisure time. One is listening to the entire ‘B’ side…

Great Little Theatres #1: Hyde Festival Theatre

East of the M60 treads the boards in a new occasional series focusing on smaller theatres in Greater Manchester and beyond. From a personal viewpoint, I place live performance at the highest point of my entertainment hierarchy. Theatre is right at the top, owing to the amount of work required to put on a production….

In Praise of Grassroots Cinema

A look at the rise of community cinema schemes After a hard day’s work, the first thing you wish to do is get home, crash in front of the sofa, and enjoy a takeaway. You then want to slump in front of the television, catch up on the soaps, or go to Netflix. But doing…

Tameside Hippodrome on Target for 2016 Opening

Save the date! Great news! We now confirm the actual opening date of the Tameside Hippodrome. The all-important date will be the 19 August 2016. This enables the Oldham Road venue to host its first pantomime since 2007.

Tameside Hippodrome Reopening Confirmed

Curtain up for 2015 reopening It gives me great pleasure to announce the return of professional theatre to the Tameside area. Dominating the front page of this week’s Tameside Reporter is news of the Tameside Hippodrome’s reopening. The theatre, closed since 2008, is set to reopen in 2015 – 111 years since its original opening –…

Curtain Up for Reopened Hippodrome

Professional theatre set to return to Tameside Tameside’s theatregoers have received a boost, thanks to recent news regarding the borough’s only professional theatre. The Tameside Hippodrome on Oldham Road, Ashton-under-Lyne is set to reopen.

Comedy Sketches and Moments Every Child Should Know

Going beyond ‘Why did the chicken cross the road’ A certain philistine education minister may greet me with unpleasantries for suggesting a certain amount of sketches that every child should learn prior to leaving school. With fewer families sitting around a television set in front of the same programmes, the shared experience is diminished.

Novelty Acts Through the Ages: A Not So Perfect Ten

A rundown of some of the memorable and plain wacky novelty acts over the last sixty years It seems as if the shelf life of a novelty act is shorter than Jemini’s chart career. They are remembered for about two minutes after being the talk of the office or the taproom. After his success with…

Where Every Day Was Less Like Sunday: Blackpool in the 1980s and 1990s

A nostalgic reflection of the UK’s best loved seaside resort ‘Manchester on Sea’, the ‘UK’s Biggest Playground’, and a ‘Place Which Imports Its Own Idiots’; these are a few of the things which most people refer to Blackpool as. Everybody, whether they’ve been to Blackpool or not always have an opinion of the resort. It…

Joined at the Hippodrome: Phase Two Plans Unveiled

Act One: The Little Hippodrome theatre Almost a year ago on East of the M60, we recorded the foundation of Friends of the Hippodrome, a steering group formed to raise awareness of Ashton-under-Lyne’s theatre. Today, it was announced on Tameside Radio that the former Blue Sea Restaurant would be the lesser theatre.

The Dinner Party (Contact Theatre, April 1990): Past of the M60

Past of the M60, the historical alter ego of East of the M60 remembers an inclusive theatre project which resulted in a show one Wednesday in April 1990. Working with ten special schools in the Manchester City Council boundary, the Contact Theatre undertook an inclusive theatre project which took place between January and April 1990….