The 1995 UK Cola Wars: Past Feast of the M60

When US style Cola Wars reached the United Kingdom

The 1990s was an oddball decade which began with Thatcher and ended with Blair. The first part ushered in the Cones Hotline, Sonic the Hedgehog and the C64GS flop games console, whereas the latter part brought us mass mobile phone ownership, the Teletubbies and fancy dan coffee shops. Televisually, it was a creative decade at one end which saw Father Ted and Absolutely Fabulous on our screens, with at the other end, the end of ITV as a genuine regional broadcaster.

In between this hubris, Wet Wet Wet’s version of Love Is All Around seemed destined to occupy the number one spot forever. Interrupting this was Britpop: Blur and Oasis. Contrary to popular belief, there was another Britpop movement taking place. Continue reading “The 1995 UK Cola Wars: Past Feast of the M60”