A Top Tea Treasure: Co-op’s Indian Prince

Feast of the M60 unravels a tea time treasure

It has been a while since yours truly had ventured into a Co-op for anything besides a pint or two of milk. Yet my latest visit to Manchester’s Corporation Street branch did involve two pints of milk and a box of tea bags.

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Top Ten Tea: A Feast of the M60 Not So Perfect Ten

Our Top Ten black tea brands

I probably drink as much tea as the late Tony Benn ever did. After he retired from politics, he went on a speaking tour taking two props with him: a chair and a Thermos® flask. A flask full of tea.

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Another Take Out: Alternative Fast Food Outlets to the Totalitarian Multinational Offerings

Other eateries are available – and lovingly recommended by Feast of the M60

20 to 30 years ago, a trip to McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken or Wimpy would have been quite a novelty. The then big three of the 1980s would soon become two, as Wimpy lost town centre branches. By the start of the noughties, the new third force in take out food became Subway. Continue reading “Another Take Out: Alternative Fast Food Outlets to the Totalitarian Multinational Offerings”

The 1995 UK Cola Wars: Past Feast of the M60

When US style Cola Wars reached the United Kingdom

The 1990s was an oddball decade which began with Thatcher and ended with Blair. The first part ushered in the Cones Hotline, Sonic the Hedgehog and the C64GS flop games console, whereas the latter part brought us mass mobile phone ownership, the Teletubbies and fancy dan coffee shops. Televisually, it was a creative decade at one end which saw Father Ted and Absolutely Fabulous on our screens, with at the other end, the end of ITV as a genuine regional broadcaster.

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Silence, Tea and Sky: The Not So Perfect Ten

From Morecambe Bay to the North Sea: ten ‘must visit’ tea shops in Lancashire and Yorkshire

Perfect Partners: a bacon and sausage oven bottom muffin and a tea: the ideal sustenance post ascent to Platform 1 of Stalybridge railway station. Photographed in 2009 from a bench at the nearby bus station. Ticket: my own creation from 2012.

Apart from being well to the left of the current Coalition Government, the creator of this blog shares another trait of Tony Benn.

Tea drinking.

A love of Britain’s favourite beverage which, alas, among younger persons, eschewed in favour of coffee. I like the odd cup of real coffee from overpriced outlets owned by former breweries, but there is nothing in the world which beats a strong mug of Yorkshire Tea. Or failing that, The Cooperative’s enduring 99 Tea brand (ideally in leaf form). Continue reading “Silence, Tea and Sky: The Not So Perfect Ten”