Go Cheapway… With A Dog

Travelling on public transport with your canine friend

Sammy, 8 years old
Companion and sometime editorial assistant for East of the M60: Samuel H. Sausage La Trobe de Trafford Le Baptiste Vallantine.

For the purpose of this article, I shall introduce you to my nine year old Jack Russell Terrier, Sammy. He’s the archetypal short-legged JRT: hyperactive, jolly, devious, yet loving at the same time. He likes his home comforts, and loves travelling on public transport, though he shudders a little on the 409 (especially on the Waterloo/Limehurst section when we pass his V E T). Continue reading “Go Cheapway… With A Dog”

Canine Charity Cause Raises £600 for St Ann’s Hospice

All thanks to a playful pooch named Tinkerbell

How Hyde Road heel work heralds a £600 donation: Mark Bartrip seen with Tinkerbell.

I often take my Jack Russell Terrier out for walks, if the worst of the English weather doesn’t scupper this. On odd occasions, I have took him on the bus, often the 346 or the 409 to the V.E.T. (oops, Sammy might be listening). He’s even been aboard one of Stagecoach Manchester’s then new Enviro 200s on a 347 from The Sun Inn, Audenshaw up to Ashton, and said it beaten the rival company’s Darts by a country mile (which he boarded without hesitation on a 346 back home).

Meanwhile, another dog has caused a stir at Stagecoach Manchester’s Hyde Road depot. Drivers and operational staff at the company’s Hyde Road depot have donated one pound a time to walk a friendly two-year-old Chihuahua for five minutes, owned by assistant depot operations manager, Louise Atkinson. Continue reading “Canine Charity Cause Raises £600 for St Ann’s Hospice”

Woof Justice for Tameside Dog Owners

Owners of flexible dog leads tread carefully.

A picture of my Jack Russell Terrier in the style of a 1970s Polaroid photograph.

There is nothing more beneficial to both dog and owner than a long walk before and after work. Both the dog and the walker are exercised saving many a trip to the local gym. For many people, their lives are incomplete without a four-legged friend welcoming you to your home as you enter the front door. Continue reading “Woof Justice for Tameside Dog Owners”