Run to the Hills 2021: A Go Cheapway Update

Hillside views a bus, train or tram ride, or quick walk away

Since our original 2014 article, we have decided to create an updated version. In the last seven years, bus routes and operators have come and gone, and your author’s knowledge of the hills has improved since then.

Was it really seven years since we first wrote this piece? Back then, we had some great weather. Seven years on, the last month has seen some fantastic weather for picnicking or admiring rural views. Since the first COVID-19 lockdown, many people have taken to the hills instead of the shopping centres.

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Run to the Hills: A Go Cheapway… Special

Hillside views east of the M60 motorway, a bus, train or tram ride, or quick walk away

Buckton Castle, Carrbrook
I know I’ve used this picture of Buckton Castle (seen from Harridge Pike) before, but it’s a lovely view which I have photographed with my Holga toy camera. Oh, and it also best illustrates the content of this piece.

Oh, the weather we have enjoyed in the last month has been nothing short of incredible. A fantastic month for picnicking, hosting a barbecue, or admiring rural views. In other words, a great time to explore our rural surroundings, and take some time out from the office, school, house or shopping centre.

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Go Cheapway to… Daisy Nook

Canals and countryside a short walk away from Oldham and Ashton

Sammy's Basin, where the Fairbottom Canal turned left to Park Bridge, with the right hand section leading to the Manchester and Ashton-under-Lyne Canal in Droylsden.
Sammy’s Basin, where the Fairbottom Canal turned left to Park Bridge, with the right hand section leading to the Manchester and Ashton-under-Lyne Canal in Droylsden.

I first knew about Daisy Nook in my formative years passing the place on countless occasions aboard the 409 service to Oldham. All I knew about was its rural nature, and that it has a canal along the park itself. Another thing I also knew about was its Easter funfairs. I had that pleasure myself back on a sunny Good Friday in 1984, when the 346 used to go to Droylsden via Littlemoss.

Today, it remains a popular spot for anglers, walkers, riders, picnickers and photographers, and it is accessible from Littlemoss, Hollinwood and Bardsley Brow. It is hard to imagine how in some people’s living memories how Daisy Nook was far from the semi-rural idyll it is now. Continue reading “Go Cheapway to… Daisy Nook”

Where Every Day Was Less Like Sunday: Blackpool in the 1980s and 1990s

A nostalgic reflection of the UK’s best loved seaside resort

Central Pier, Blackpool
Central Pier, Blackpool. Owing to the shortage of 1980s and 1990s pictures I have of the resort, this was photographed in 2011. (Sorry, and there’s no way I could have Photoshopped someone with a mullet wearing a shell suit whilst listening to Matt Bianco on a Walkman).

‘Manchester on Sea’, the ‘UK’s Biggest Playground’, and a ‘Place Which Imports Its Own Idiots’; these are a few of the things which most people refer to Blackpool as. Everybody, whether they’ve been to Blackpool or not always have an opinion of the resort. It never tries to be another Brighton, San Tropez or Southwold. It is Blackpool. It is without exception, a one-off, and a place which numerous resorts have tried to imitate yet fail to do so. Continue reading “Where Every Day Was Less Like Sunday: Blackpool in the 1980s and 1990s”

Go Cheapway… With A Dog

Travelling on public transport with your canine friend

Sammy, 8 years old
Companion and sometime editorial assistant for East of the M60: Samuel H. Sausage La Trobe de Trafford Le Baptiste Vallantine.

For the purpose of this article, I shall introduce you to my nine year old Jack Russell Terrier, Sammy. He’s the archetypal short-legged JRT: hyperactive, jolly, devious, yet loving at the same time. He likes his home comforts, and loves travelling on public transport, though he shudders a little on the 409 (especially on the Waterloo/Limehurst section when we pass his V E T). Continue reading “Go Cheapway… With A Dog”

Go Cheapway… to Stalybridge

An alternative way of visiting the Cheshire town 

View towards Eastwood bird reserve, Cheethams Park
Iconic: Cheetham’s Park, towards the Eastwood Bird Reserve

Mention Stalybridge, and the first two things which spring to most people’s minds are the station’s buffet bar (no bad thing in my book!) or Staly Vegas. If they’re of a sporting persuasion, it is none other than the Mighty Stalybridge Celtic. Then there’s the town’s place in the Guinness Book of Records for having the shortest and longest pub names. Continue reading “Go Cheapway… to Stalybridge”