A Foodie Based Recovery for Stalybridge?

Is the way into Stalybridge’s heart through our stomachs?

The 23rd and 24th July 2021 has been a spectacular two days for Stalybridge town centre. From 6pm to 9pm, shoppers descended on Armentieres Square for Foodie Friday – the first of six monthly pop-up markets for gastrophiles. Within minutes of opening, the town centre was packed with shoppers on Melbourne Street, Grosvenor Street and Trinity Street.

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The Beano's 4000th Edition

The Beano’s 4000th Issue: On Message as Ever and Glossy

Why, in the most darkest of days, we should never be without The Beano

In living memory, the last week has been one of the most darkest and tumultuous weeks. Within 24 hours of Jeremy Corbyn’s meeting with leaders of opposition parties to prevent a Tory No Deal Brexit®, Boris Johnson (and possibly his unelected puppets) decided to prorogue parliament. The Queen gave him the nod and within days, numerous protests have taken place across the UK.

For this post, we shan’t elaborate on the PM’s contempt for representative democracy. Instead, we shall focus on a British institution which came to the fore during the Second World War. A publication that has had a great influence on the nation’s humour and spawned several imitators.

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Micklehurst-Based Band’s Junior Kick-Start

Incredible Plastic Street Band commences crowdsourcing campaign

The Incredible Plastic Street Band
Whit Friday, 2016: The Incredible Plastic Street Band seen on Manchester Road, Bottom Mossley, during their first Whit Walk – and first ever public performance. Should funding initiatives be successful, this could be the first of many Whit Walks. Who knows? Like Hattersley Brass, they could consider the Whit Friday Band Contest circuit.

The Vale is one of Mossley’s treasures. Situated in Micklehurst, it is a multipurpose arts venue which plays host to local groups and a community cinema. Among the groups that use the former woollen mill is The Incredible Plastic Street Band.
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Whit Week 2014: The Greatest Free Show on Earth

Stand by for The Week of Weeks

It has survived depressions, two World Wars, Thatcherism, industrial unrest, torrid weather conditions and bus deregulation. Hopefully it’ll survive any attempts to get the Delph, Denshaw and Diggle contests finishing too early, or prospective Late Night Levies. Tomorrow sees the start of The Week of Weeks. The greatest week, bar none. Continue reading “Whit Week 2014: The Greatest Free Show on Earth”

Classic 1970s Christmas Tunes: The Not So Perfect Ten

East of the M60’s countdown of favourite 1970s Christmas songs

I make no apologies for jumping on the Christmas bandwagon for this month’s Not So Perfect Ten. For many people, the 1970s was a decade punctuated by strikes, the Three Day Week and the Silver Jubilee. For many more, a happier time compared with the more cynical and money-minded 1980s. We only had three television channels throughout the whole of that decade. Working class people could still afford to watch top flight football.

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Beano Milestones: The Not So Perfect Ten

East of the M60‘s look at ten milestones which shaped The Beano

Not a lot of people know that: the creator of East of the M60 was a member of the Dennis the Menace Fan Club. For the best part of the 1980s, he used to look forward to Wednesday mornings. Plainly and simply because Wednesday meant ‘Beano Day’. Continue reading “Beano Milestones: The Not So Perfect Ten”

Like Crushing The Great Pyramids For Posh Hotels: Could the ConDems Close The World’s Oldest Railway Station?

A Cuts Scene Investigation Special: National Railway Museum, National Media Museum and Manchester Museum of Science and Industry to face closure or admission charges

Replica of Stephenson’s Rocket, outside the National Railway Museum, York. Photograph by Howard Longden (Creative Commons Attribution License-Some Rights Reserved)

The year is 2035. Manchester is connected to its recently opened High Speed Two line, which whisks Mancunians to the present day capital of the United Kingdom. It is possible to get a hourly HS2 service to London which takes 70 minutes. Elsewhere in the Greater Manchester City Region, it takes a similar amount of time to travel from Stockport to Ashton-under-Lyne by bus in the peaks on the 330 route. Continue reading “Like Crushing The Great Pyramids For Posh Hotels: Could the ConDems Close The World’s Oldest Railway Station?”

In Pictures: Whit Friday 2013

From Mossley to Uppermill and Greenfield, The Greatest Free Show on Earth in pictorial form

Through rain, Arctic winds and – on Friday night – in a big coat, East of the M60 celebrated Whit Friday in style. Several pints (well, 4.5 of them), a Pork Pie, two semi-rushed ham salad muffins, and a portion of Special Fried Rice with chips and curry later, here’s  the results… Continue reading “In Pictures: Whit Friday 2013”

Whit Friday 2013: The Other Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Seven days to go till The Greatest Free Show on Earth

Hopefully this coming Friday, you should be spending the best part of your evening enjoying what I call ‘The Greatest Free Show on Earth’. This is a view shared by many people in and around the Saddleworth villages and parts of Tameside. It is also an event which I consider to be an equal to, or superior to Christmas. Continue reading “Whit Friday 2013: The Other Most Wonderful Time of the Year”

Rewind and Return Before 2013: Farewell to the Video Shop

East of the M60’s rewind to the glory days of video hire shops

Thirty years ago, the home video recorder was our answer to the iPad or smartphone. It was an object of desire, but this very object of desire would cost about £500. Prerecorded cassettes were around £20 – £25, with recordable tapes slightly cheaper. It is hard to imagine how in 1983 a VHS cassette would cost the same as a 16Gb Secure Digital memory card would now. Today’s camcorders also take them – a far cry from the colossal things which took full size VHS tapes. Continue reading “Rewind and Return Before 2013: Farewell to the Video Shop”