SHMD 70 Atkinson Double Decker, UMA 370

Put This On a Badge! The Better Buses Badge Making Experience

Show some love for your local bus route in a crafty way

Within a week of the launch of Greater Manchester Combined Authority’s Bus Franchising consultation, there has been several activities to advance the case for London-style bus franchising. Since this summer, Better Buses For Greater Manchester have stated their case with accountability and improved services a main advantage.

Earlier this afternoon was the Better Buses Badge Making activity at Manchester Art Gallery, which fell on the same day as the Transpo 50 bus cavalcade. From 1pm to 4pm, anyone with a passion for franchised bus networks – or a given route – made felt badges.

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In Praise of Stalybridge’s Handmade Market

Why East of the M60 says the town’s Handmade Market is something to treasure

View of Handmade Market (black and white)
Popular: MWL Events’ Stalybridge Handmade Market.

Since 2013, Stalybridge’s Handmade Market has become a popular fixture adding footfall to the Cheshire town. Each event, always well attended as demonstrated by the pictures seen below. Continue reading “In Praise of Stalybridge’s Handmade Market”