Fun Time Friday

A Mission to Entertain: Future Directions’ Fun Time Friday

What do you get if you cross an extremely talented musician with a pretty good blogger and dancer (!) on a Friday afternoon?

Make no mistake: this sub-headline isn’t a dad joke, though a fast-paced mixture of dad jokes, dad dancing and mad music is behind one of Future Directions CIC’s most notable projects. Known as Fun Time Friday, it is a 45-minute programme of music, dad dancing and jokes which goes out on Friday afternoons.

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Stalybridge Old Band getting ready for their deportment march.

Don’t Forget our Brass Bands!

East of the M60 hopes brass band music isn’t forgotten by HM Government funding pledge

On a normal Monday night, I would be writing a review of the previous night’s concert at Boarshurst Band Club. Since lockdown, The Mecca of Brass Banding has been quiet, leaving a significant cultural void in the hearts of brass band players and concertgoers.

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Class 142, Newton Heath depot

What Can You Do With a Fallen Pacer?

Department For Transport launches scheme to bring new life to withdrawn Pacer units

Has April Fool’s Day 2020 been brought forward? The Department For Transport have conjured up a wheeze to bring new life to the Pacer family of trains. What you may be relieved to find is that continued use on our permanent way is out of the question.

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In Pictures: Hullard Park’s Summertime Makeover

Old Trafford park regenerated for Stagecoach’s annual Green Week event

Hullard Park was given a timely makeover last week as Stagecoach Manchester redeveloped sections of the public park in collaboration with Trafford Council. The activity was part of Stagecoach’s national Green Week, which encourages people to learn about their local surroundings and the environmental benefits of public transport. Continue reading “In Pictures: Hullard Park’s Summertime Makeover”

Hullard Park’s Summer Makeover

Stagecoach Manchester to regenerate Old Trafford park for annual Green Week event


Hullard Park will be given a summer makeover this week, as Stagecoach Manchester begins its redevelopment of the public space in collaboration with Trafford Council. Continue reading “Hullard Park’s Summer Makeover”

Stalybridge Town Cinema, March 2016: Many Yanks for a Great Night

Another good night at the Town Cinema

Last Tuesday’s showing of Yanks [on the 22 March] was well received at the Stalybridge Town Cinema. The film, directed by John Schlesinger (1979), was chosen by means of a public vote on the Stalybridge Town Community Cinema Facebook page. Among its audience, the 2 hour 15 minute film was well received. Continue reading “Stalybridge Town Cinema, March 2016: Many Yanks for a Great Night”

Stalybridge Town Cinema’s Eastertide Feature: Yanks

A look at the John Schlesinger film set in Richard Gere’s favourite town

Before we begin…

Shortly after Richard Gere’s interview was shown on BBC One’s Breakfast programme, the Stalybridge Town Cinema will be showing his 1979 film, Yanks this Tuesday [22 March]. The film, directed by John Schlesinger, is set in Stalybridge, the Saddleworth villages, Stockport and Hyde. Continue reading “Stalybridge Town Cinema’s Eastertide Feature: Yanks”

Stalybridge Town Cinema’s Second 2016 Feature: The Jersey Boys

A look at The Jersey Boys, Clint Eastwood’s biopic of Frankie Valli’s group

Late February, back in ’16 (no, the title doesn’t scan right, too many syllables in February). Tuesday, 23 February will see Stalybridge Town Cinema’s second flick of 2016. After the escapism of the Greek islands and wedded bliss, tomorrow’s presentation is quite a difference.
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Stalybridge Town Cinema’s First 2016 Feature: Mamma Mia!

A look at Mamma Mia!, the film version of the ABBA themed jukebox musical

Tuesday, 19 January will see Stalybridge Town Cinema’s first flick of 2016 with what is one of Britain’s highest grossing films. Adapted from the 1999 West End musical, the film version of Mamma Mia! packed UK cinemas on its original 2008 release.

It is a film that’ll have you singing your way through the feature! It could possibly get you singing random ABBA songs en route to your humble abode. (Neither East of the M60, nor Stalybridge Town Cinema accept any responsibility for any earworms).
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Next Year at Stalybridge Town Cinema…

A preview of the community cinema’s next features for 2016

After a storming 2015 in the Stalybridge Town Cinema, details of the coming year’s programme have been revealed.
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