On Reflection: The Joy of 3-2-1

A look at the bafflingly popular Yorkshire Television quiz show which ran for ten years

Before the 29 July 1978, Saturdays in front of the television meant World of Sport or Grandstand. Then a peek at the latest imported programme at teatime (something like The Man From Atlantis). Encroaching into the prime time slot, there was one inalienable truth for many viewers: the BBC had the best variety and light entertainment programmes. Continue reading “On Reflection: The Joy of 3-2-1”

St. Gregory's Social Club entrance, Farnworth

Greatest Moments from Phoenix Nights: The Not So Perfect Ten

Ten of the greatest moments from Peter Kay’s Channel Four sitcom, set in a North West England Working Mens’ Club.

***WARNING: This entry may contain spoilers and some use of mature language. Aye, thank you…***

January 2001, Sunday night at Chez Vall at around 9.30pm. Our golden Cocker Spaniel is startled by the doorbell from a new sitcom. Reading the blurb in the Sunday People‘s telly magazine, it sounded convincing. Continue reading “Greatest Moments from Phoenix Nights: The Not So Perfect Ten”