Phoenix Cinema Auditorium, East Finchley by Basil Jradeh, 2010 (Creative Commons License: Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0)

Escape to the Pantry Goes to the Movies: Host Your Own Film Night

How to turn the living room or person cave into your local ODEON, ABC, or Bug Hut

In the last two decades, I have pontificated over the vapidity of our multiplex cinemas. So much so that I wrote a lengthy poem about it in 2003, that was published in the Tameside Reporter. Sadly, the cinema where I saw my first film in Greater Manchester closed that year with American Pie III: The Wedding.

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Why Redrock Stockport Deserves Its Carbuncle Cup Award

It may look great inside but the complex gives a poor outward approach to a great Cheshire town

Before I start my architectural pontifications/criticism/rant, I shall own up to one thing: I have never been to Stockport’s Redrock complex. I have passed it on numerous occasions by train, by coach, and on the 330 bus out of Mersey Square. Each time I have passed it, I have felt deflated.

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Now on the ZX Spectrum: Bobby Carrot

Games Review: why the ZX Spectrum version of FDG Mobile’s smartphone game is worth a bash

  • Coder: Couvej;
  • Will run on: any ZX Spectrum with 48k or 128k of RAM (including +2s and +3s), emulators;
  • Available file formats: .tap and .tzx – 48k and 128k versions available to download;
  • Controls: Keyboard (Q, A, O, P, and Space), Cursor keys, Sinclair Joystick and Kempston Joystick interfaces.

At this time of the year, rabbits seem to be the flavour of the month. Easter is less than a month away and a certain rabbit themed film is taking box offices by storm. For lovers of 8-bit computers, spring is associated with 1982’s launch of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Continue reading “Now on the ZX Spectrum: Bobby Carrot”

Oldham ODEON: A Look at Oldham’s Newest Cinema

From town hall to multiplex conversion

I had promised myself a trip to Greater Manchester’s latest addition for filmgoers. With The Mighty Stalybridge Celtic being away from home, this gave me a good excuse to call in to Oldham’s new ODEON cinema. Continue reading “Oldham ODEON: A Look at Oldham’s Newest Cinema”

A Majestic Plan for Ashton’s Iconic Cinema Building

Graphic designer aims to turn Ashton landmark into live performance venue and cinema

Closed Metro cinema, Delamere Street/Old Street, Ashton-under-Lyne
Majestic by name, majestic by nature: the cinema in its closed state in February 2013. Photographed by yours truly with a Kodak Retinette camera using Ilford XP2 ISO 400 film.

The Majestic Picture House building is an iconic landmark for Tameside film lovers. Since its opening in 1920, it later became the Gaumont, then the ODEON, and latterly the Metro cinema. The cinema closed in September 2003, a month after the closure of Stalybridge’s Palace cinema. Its amusement arcade closed in 2011. This week, musician and graphic designer, Matthew Gough aims to reopen the building. Continue reading “A Majestic Plan for Ashton’s Iconic Cinema Building”

Stalybridge Town Cinema, March 2016: Many Yanks for a Great Night

Another good night at the Town Cinema

Last Tuesday’s showing of Yanks [on the 22 March] was well received at the Stalybridge Town Cinema. The film, directed by John Schlesinger (1979), was chosen by means of a public vote on the Stalybridge Town Community Cinema Facebook page. Among its audience, the 2 hour 15 minute film was well received. Continue reading “Stalybridge Town Cinema, March 2016: Many Yanks for a Great Night”

Stalybridge Town Cinema’s Eastertide Feature: Yanks

A look at the John Schlesinger film set in Richard Gere’s favourite town

Before we begin…

Shortly after Richard Gere’s interview was shown on BBC One’s Breakfast programme, the Stalybridge Town Cinema will be showing his 1979 film, Yanks this Tuesday [22 March]. The film, directed by John Schlesinger, is set in Stalybridge, the Saddleworth villages, Stockport and Hyde. Continue reading “Stalybridge Town Cinema’s Eastertide Feature: Yanks”

Stalybridge Town Cinema’s Second 2016 Feature: The Jersey Boys

A look at The Jersey Boys, Clint Eastwood’s biopic of Frankie Valli’s group

Late February, back in ’16 (no, the title doesn’t scan right, too many syllables in February). Tuesday, 23 February will see Stalybridge Town Cinema’s second flick of 2016. After the escapism of the Greek islands and wedded bliss, tomorrow’s presentation is quite a difference.
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Stalybridge Town Cinema’s First 2016 Feature: Mamma Mia!

A look at Mamma Mia!, the film version of the ABBA themed jukebox musical

Tuesday, 19 January will see Stalybridge Town Cinema’s first flick of 2016 with what is one of Britain’s highest grossing films. Adapted from the 1999 West End musical, the film version of Mamma Mia! packed UK cinemas on its original 2008 release.

It is a film that’ll have you singing your way through the feature! It could possibly get you singing random ABBA songs en route to your humble abode. (Neither East of the M60, nor Stalybridge Town Cinema accept any responsibility for any earworms).
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Christmas Movie Magic at Hazel Grove Park and Ride

£2,300 raised for triple bill of festive family favourites

Sunday night at the movies: Elf seen on the screens at Hazel Grove Park and Ride.

Festive film magic lit up Hazel Grove Park and Ride last weekend, as Stagecoach Manchester raised more than £2,300 for Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention with a festive themed drive-in movie event. Continue reading “Christmas Movie Magic at Hazel Grove Park and Ride”