Lego GMT Standard double decker

Stalybridge Bus Station for Beginners

Almost Everything you need to know about Stalybridge bus station

Stalybridge bus station is a modest, unstaffed bus station with a single island platform. It has four stands and lacks layover facilities. You may argue that the town has two bus stations because of its four stops on Armentieres Square. In recent times, the stops on Armentieres Square have increased in their importance.

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SHMD Daimler CVG6 front loading

Classic Bus Lotto: Another Escape to the Pantry Special

Do you have a young child who is mad on Greater Manchester’s buses?

Due to Coronavirus-orientated cabin fever or stir craziness, you may be wondering what a bus looks like. You might have a youngster who wants to go to the Greater Manchester Museum of Transport, though couldn’t do thanks to recent events. You know, the very rugrat whom in later years might want a British Rail moquette cup coaster for his or her office.

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SHMD 70 Atkinson Double Decker, UMA 370

Put This On a Badge! The Better Buses Badge Making Experience

Show some love for your local bus route in a crafty way

Within a week of the launch of Greater Manchester Combined Authority’s Bus Franchising consultation, there has been several activities to advance the case for London-style bus franchising. Since this summer, Better Buses For Greater Manchester have stated their case with accountability and improved services a main advantage.

Earlier this afternoon was the Better Buses Badge Making activity at Manchester Art Gallery, which fell on the same day as the Transpo 50 bus cavalcade. From 1pm to 4pm, anyone with a passion for franchised bus networks – or a given route – made felt badges.

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In Pictures: The Glory Days of the 10/10A Recaptured

East of the M60 on today’s heritage bus trip around Dukinfield

Today’s 41 service from Ashton-under-Lyne to Dukinfield [Tennyson Avenue] is a compromise between the former 339 and 340 services. They were hitherto operated by Greater Manchester Transport and its forerunners. Before 1973, they were part of the 10, 10A and 10B services to Yew Tree Lane/Lyne Edge Crescent. Seen below is how the routes varied according to S.H.M.D’s May 1967 timetable: Continue reading “In Pictures: The Glory Days of the 10/10A Recaptured”

Great Non-GMT Standard Double Deckers: The Not So Perfect Ten

A round-up of some of the greatest non-SELNEC/Greater Manchester Transport double deckers ever to grace the Earth

Regular readers on East of the M60 would be familiar with any of the references to Ralph Bennett (particularly the distinctive Bolton and Manchester Leyland Atlanteans), or the GMT standard double deckers. For this month’s Not So Perfect Ten, we are spreading our wings a little and focusing on groundbreaking vehicles from other parts of the United Kingdom. Both aesthetically and functionally. Continue reading “Great Non-GMT Standard Double Deckers: The Not So Perfect Ten”

For One Day Only… The 10/10A Returns to Dukinfield

Journey set to whisk passengers back in time along former route

Daimler CVG6, VTU 76, Stalybridge, Hyde, Mossley and Dukinfield Transport and Electricity Board
Your chariot on the 10/10A, last Saturday in August: VTU 76, a restored Daimler CVG6 seen at the 2011 Trans-Lancs Vehicle Rally displaying indicators for what is now the southern part of the 346 service.

Bus enthusiasts in Dukinfield and surrounding areas, and long time residents, are set for a summer treat. The former SHMD Daimler CVG6, VTU 76, is set to revisit its spiritual home, on the former 10/10A bus routes. Continue reading “For One Day Only… The 10/10A Returns to Dukinfield”

Some Kind of Wonderfuel: Publicly Owned Gas and Electricity in Tameside

When NORWEB and North West Gas was king

If you were born some time before 1985, a common feature of our High Streets was the gas and electric showrooms. They were the public face of our gas and electricity boards, nationalised and consolidated upon in 1948 and 1949. At one time they belonged to us, rather than a clutch of investment banks and overseas subsidiaries. Continue reading “Some Kind of Wonderfuel: Publicly Owned Gas and Electricity in Tameside”

The Road Least Travelled: Hyde’s Other 344 Route

Another obscure bus journey throughout Greater Manchester

Optare Solo MX08 MYJ, Stotts of Oldham, Oldham Bus Station
Our second 344’s more illustrious sister, loading at Oldham Central Bus Station.

At Hyde bus station, there are two 344 routes. One is the Backbower Circular, which co-works with the 342. There is also a lesser known 344, one which comprises of a single journey.

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The Road Least Travelled: Tameside Hospital to Piccadilly Gardens

Obscure bus journeys throughout Greater Manchester

Optare Solo, Checkmate Coaches, interior shot
An interior view of one of Checkmate Coaches’ Optare Solo buses, on the 220 to Piccadilly Gardens.

Outside the bright lights of the Wilmslow Road corridor, the A6 into Stockport and Ashton Old Road are a variety of often overlooked bus routes throughout Greater Manchester. Some of which are socially necessary, for schoolchildren, hospital appointments and workers. Some of these are the White Dwarfs or Neutron Stars of the bus world, having previously been frequent routes.

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Oldham’s Bus Termini, Past and Present

A look at Oldham’s bus stations and stops past and present

Oldham Termini Map
Oldham’s bus stations and stops past and present.

In the last century, Oldham has had a number of termini and through stops, some of which discontinued by means of town centre redevelopment. Most recently, this has meant the Metrolink works. During the last forty years, the town’s main bus station has shifted westwards from Mumps Bridge to Cheapside. Continue reading “Oldham’s Bus Termini, Past and Present”