JP Executive Travel Driver Records Wanted

Did you, or do you know someone who worked for JP Executive Travel in 1992?

We have received an appeal for the drivers’ records for JP Executive Travel.

During 1992, the North Manchester-based bus company operated a number of routes in and around Middleton. Some services continued to parts of North Manchester, Oldham, and Tameside.

If you have any details of drivers’ records (i.e.: staff documentation, running boards), original copies are preferable to photocopies. High quality photocopies may be accepted in the absence of original hard copies.

If you can help, please telephone 0191 563 5076.

JPT Takeover Given Green Light

Stagecoach acquisition cleared by Competition and Markets Authority

JPT Travel Enviro300, ST59 JPT, Ashton-under-Lyne
Gone: JPT Travel, now absorbed by Stagecoach Manchester.

JPT Travel after 40 years of operation is of today, no more. The former independent operator’s takeover was confirmed yesterday by the Competition and Markets Authority. Continue reading “JPT Takeover Given Green Light”

A Midsummer Night’s Bus Theme

A spring and summer collection of older buses in Greater Manchester.

In the last quarter, we have seen the continuance of JPT’s operations by Stagecoach Manchester. Of late, some buses inherited from the JPT fleet, and a few former Bluebird Bus and Coach vehicles have been see on its commercial and subsidised services.

Continue reading “A Midsummer Night’s Bus Theme”

JPT Back on Track: Business As Usual

Services set to operate as normal again

JPT Travel Enviro300, ST59 JPT, Ashton-under-Lyne
JPT Travel’s 217 service in its present form seen at Ashton-under-Lyne bus station.

The latest news in relation to JPT Travel is that it will be business as usual. The Middleton operator advised Transport for Greater Manchester that they will continue to run its tendered and commercial services, in spite of rumours of its demise.

Therefore, the latest news may come as a relief for regular passengers who use their services around North Manchester, Oldham and Tameside. We hope something positive arises in the long term.

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+++ Update, 18 April 2014 (Good Friday) +++

Here’s a small selection of pictures from today’s operations:

JPT Travel, S156 KNK, Church Street, Manchester
Volvo Olympian S156 KNK, seen on the 118 service to North Manchester General Hospital on Church Street, Manchester.

JPT Travel Optare Excel, V387 KVY, Shudehill Interchange
About to leave for Heaton Park is V387 KVY, an Optare Excel seen at Shudehill Interchange.

JPT Travel Plaxton Primo, YX60 DWZ, Shudehill Interchange
Seen laying over at Shudehill Interchange is a more modern constituent of JPT Travel’s fleet, which is YX60 DWZ, a Plaxton Primo.

S.V., 18 April 2014.

JPT RIP: Family Firm Acquired by Stagecoach Manchester

End of an era for family firm

JPT Travel Enviro300, ST59 JPT, Ashton-under-Lyne
Going: JPT Travel and the 217 service in its present form seen at Ashton-under-Lyne bus station.

Over a year since Bluebird Bus and Coach’s acquisition by Stagecoach Manchester, another Middleton company has ceased operations. JPT Travel, family run since 1974, will be taken over by Stagecoach Manchester tomorrow morning. This will be the second Middleton bus operator to have been taken over by the Perthshire transport giant. Continue reading “JPT RIP: Family Firm Acquired by Stagecoach Manchester”

Dukinfield Service Changes: Off-Peak Manchester Link Scrapped

A Tameside Bus Service Changes Special Edition

JPT Travel 217 service to Tameside Hospital
From the 28 April 2014, the 217 service will revert to its pre-2004 route between Ashton-under-Lyne and Manchester via Clayton, albeit with a new operator.

Could this be the tip of the iceberg? We hope not, though this prophecy could well be true given Gideon’s penchant for shrinking the public sector to the size of a walnut. Therefore, from the 28 April 2014, the most tangible signs of George Osborne’s £1billion departmental savings, from the Autumn Statement will be seen in Dukinfield.

Big style. Continue reading “Dukinfield Service Changes: Off-Peak Manchester Link Scrapped”

Oldham and Tameside Bus Service Changes, Winter 2014: More Fine Tuning

Trams and traffic trigger changes

Fine Tuning: Minor retiming will affect some of Tameside’s bus services, possibly affected by the Metrolink.

In a earlier East of the M60 ‘…Service Changes’ post, we mentioned in great detail welcome improvements to the 180 and 184 services. In case you missed that post, the 180 service will operate every half hour on Monday to Saturday daytimes. The 184 service will be boosted by extra Sunday daytimes journeys and an improved peak hour service. In this case, vox populi was the victor thanks to consultation events in the Saddleworth area. Continue reading “Oldham and Tameside Bus Service Changes, Winter 2014: More Fine Tuning”

JPT Travel Admits Defeat on 112 Service

Stagecoach Manchester to be sole operator of Middleton to Manchester service’s daytime journeys

Optare Excel V386 KVY
The End: JPT Travel’s involvement on the 112’s daytime journeys.

After withdrawing its journeys on the 17 service between Middleton and Manchester, JPT Travel is set to pull out of another service between the same points.

From the 15 January, it will cease to operate daytime journeys on the 112 service via Moston. This however wont affect evening journeys, most of which operated under contract to Transport for Greater Manchester. These will continue to terminate at Stevenson Square.

Plaxton Centro, Stagecoach Manchester LL07 BLU, Middleton Bus Station
Stagecoach Manchester will be the only company on daytime journeys of the 112 service which, like this bus, was inherited from Bluebird Bus and Coach.

S.V., 06 January 2014.

In Pictures Special: Middleton Bus Wars

East of the M60‘s last In Pictures Special of 2013

Over the last six months, there has been some competition between Stagecoach Manchester, JPT Travel and First Greater Manchester on services between Middleton and Manchester. Continue reading “In Pictures Special: Middleton Bus Wars”

Tameside Bus Changes, April 2013: One Flew Over the Bluebird’s Nest

Operation revisions order of the day and a boost for the New Mills Town Service

Dennis Dart SLF, Stagecoach Manchester X744 JCS, Oldham bus station
A sizeable number of former Bluebird Bus and Coach routes acquired by Stagecoach Manchester will be changing hands after the 07 April. This service will be operated in its entirety by Manchester Community Transport, who have made significant gains in the Oldham and Tameside areas.

As expected, a great many of the changes entail Stagecoach Manchester’s former Bluebird Bus and Coach routes. The bulk of which will be its subsidised routes, some of which on about to acquire their fourth operator in the space of 15 months. Continue reading “Tameside Bus Changes, April 2013: One Flew Over the Bluebird’s Nest”