Oldham’s Bus Termini, Past and Present

A look at Oldham’s bus stations and stops past and present

Oldham Termini Map
Oldham’s bus stations and stops past and present.

In the last century, Oldham has had a number of termini and through stops, some of which discontinued by means of town centre redevelopment. Most recently, this has meant the Metrolink works. During the last forty years, the town’s main bus station has shifted westwards from Mumps Bridge to Cheapside. Continue reading “Oldham’s Bus Termini, Past and Present”

East of the M60 Advent Calendar: 23 December 2011

23. The Bus to Big Buddha Is Watching  You

go to Bus 23 Terminus
Today's bus stations have come a long way from this example in Hong Kong. It has a whiff of 1950s Queenbury Shelter about. Photo by Ja-ee (Creative Commons Attribution License)

We ought to be thankful for the fact that our bus stations in Greater Manchester have better information displays than this. Route 23 is denoted by a laminated sheet of A4 paper. From a mile off, you can tell they’ve used Microsoft Word for this sign. Continue reading “East of the M60 Advent Calendar: 23 December 2011”

Zen and the Art of Waiting for Buses

Civilised Queuing and Dignified Departures

MAN bus on the 219 route
A busy shoulder-peak scene at Piccadilly Gardens: MAN single decker 22237 prepares for its departure to Ashton-under-Lyne on the 219 route.

We’re all guilty of it at some stage: barging in at the bus shelter, or traipsing towards the bus at speeds which Usain Bolt would be proud of. Even the genius behind this blog is guilty of such trifling Crimes Against Public Transport Etiquette, such as surging towards the nearest seat due to gross overcrowding on the North of England’s often inadequate rolling stock. Continue reading “Zen and the Art of Waiting for Buses”

The History of Ashton-under-Lyne Bus Station

The Life, The Universe, Katherine Street, The Beau Geste and Everything

Yelloway coach, Van Hool, Ashton-under-Lyne

Prior to 1963, Ashton-under-Lyne’s buses and trolleybuses stopped at a variety of termini throughout the town centre. Manchester Corporation services called at Bow Street and Old Square (by Yates’ Wine Lodge); Ashton-under-Lyne Corporation’s buses opted for Market Street and Wellington Road by the town hall. SHMD’s stopped at St. Michael’s Square. Continue reading “The History of Ashton-under-Lyne Bus Station”

Bus Shelters of Your Mind: The Not So Perfect Ten

10 Bus Shelters to Visit Before You Leave This World

408 Stalybridge to Shaw, Volvo B7

Somewhere in the depth of time (at least in internet terms) we were using the world wide web to rate pictures of cute cats, instead of playing Mafia Wars and tweeting our bowel movements to the nth degree. Back then, I was thinking of developing a similar site called ‘RateMyBusShelter.com’. The idea of course was so bus users could rate out of ten their favourite bus shelter. It would have been like a Top Trumps for bus shelters, with points given for each one in terms of warmth, cover and architectural style. Continue reading “Bus Shelters of Your Mind: The Not So Perfect Ten”

Lost and Found Manchester City Centre Bus Termini

A Circular Magical History Walking Tour

Hot off the successful ‘Lost Bus Termini/Bus Routes’ posts comes another spin off. This time, focusing on Manchester’s bus termini. Only. Instead of the more usual format, I have decided to make this a circular walking tour. The map style is reminiscent of Greater Manchester Transport’s publicity, albeit with a walking route and present-day areas including the Northern Quarter.

A GMT style route map denoting a walk around Manchester's existing and disused bus termini.

Each number corresponds to each point within the trail. The starting point is Manchester Piccadilly railway station, chosen due to its prominent position in the city centre. Continue reading “Lost and Found Manchester City Centre Bus Termini”

Lego GMT Standard double decker

Lost Bus Termini of Greater Manchester: The Not So Perfect Ten

Ten lost or not-so-lost bus termini within our conurbation

As a logical step from previous postings on Lost Bus Routes of the Greater Manchester area, I thought it would have been a good idea to focus on our dearly departed bus stands. Lost bus stations, stances, shelters, termini and turnarounds. For instance, stops which may have move a few yards and lost a shelter in the process. Stops which are under supermarkets, places we dearly miss, or are glad to see the back of.

Yet these humble combines are as much a part of our history as local landmarks, churches, night clubs and public swimming baths. They are places where we not only waited for buses, but ate takeaways in or had a quick fumble and the like. It is the subject of this instalment of ‘The Not So Perfect Ten’.

Continue reading “Lost Bus Termini of Greater Manchester: The Not So Perfect Ten”

Bus Stations from Hell

BusesFrom several years experience of using public transport, I have come across the most sublime and the ridiculous bus termini throughout the UK.

My favourite bus stations are in Huddersfield, Hyde, Leeds, Middleton (the new one near the Arches shopping centre), Chorley and Bury Interchange. Though the latter is rather mediocre, Bury Interchange holds a special place being the point of interchange between the late lamented 400 Trans-Lancs Express service and the East Lancashire Railway. Continue reading “Bus Stations from Hell”