Nexus Move bus image

Linking Saddleworth with Tameside: Focus on Nexus Move

East of the M60 looks at Tameside’s latest bus operator

The Tameside bus scene is in the midst of far-reaching change. With the exception of three routes, FirstGroup are pulling out of the borough. Stagecoach and HCT Group’s MCT Travel will be the borough’s biggest players, followed by Stott’s Tours. The smallest operator of stage carriage vehicles is Nexus Move, who operate two routes in the borough, and a shuttle service from Greenfield railway station.

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The Mossley Basic Bus Strategy: 35 Years On

A look at Greater Manchester Transport’s 1980 changes and comparison with present services

Optare Solo First Greater Manchester MA51 AEW, Denshaw
A First Greater Manchester Optare Solo seen at Denshaw, terminus of the 354 service via Greenfield and Bottom Mossley.

The 20 July 1980 was a seminal date in the history of Mossley’s bus routes. Firstly it led to the extension of the 343 route to Oldham. Secondly, it led to the rise in importance of the 350 service. Today, both the 343 and the 350 link Mossley with Oldham; the latter via Uppermill. A lot of the 1980 changes set the framework for today’s services in and around the locality from Quick Edge to Micklehurst.

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Cuts Scene Investigation: To Hell With Heyrod, in a Minicab

How service changes see early nights for Heyrodians

The village of Heyrod looks out to a stunning backdrop with the Pennine foothills in good view. From Wakefield Road, the views of Buckton Castle and Alphin Pike makes for a desirable place to live. By bus it makes for an enjoyable ride, one which is greatly enhanced if he or she chooses the 353 via Roughtown and Haddens. Continue reading “Cuts Scene Investigation: To Hell With Heyrod, in a Minicab”