Great Non-GMT Standard Double Deckers: The Not So Perfect Ten

A round-up of some of the greatest non-SELNEC/Greater Manchester Transport double deckers ever to grace the Earth

Regular readers on East of the M60 would be familiar with any of the references to Ralph Bennett (particularly the distinctive Bolton and Manchester Leyland Atlanteans), or the GMT standard double deckers. For this month’s Not So Perfect Ten, we are spreading our wings a little and focusing on groundbreaking vehicles from other parts of the United Kingdom. Both aesthetically and functionally. Continue reading “Great Non-GMT Standard Double Deckers: The Not So Perfect Ten”

What Would Ralph Bennett Do?

A Mancunian viewpoint on Transport for London’s Routemaster prototype

This morning, I saw on BBCi pictures of the new Routemaster prototype. On initial reaction, I thought it was a quirky little double decker filed under ‘lovely to look at, but will it work?’ I was in two minds as to whether it would be as successful as the first Routemaster built in Southall, or a 21st century equivalent of the Guy Wulfrunian. Continue reading “What Would Ralph Bennett Do?”