In Other News… Stagecoach Manchester Review Their Fares

Slight fare increases come in to effect on Easter Sunday

Dennis Dart SLF, Stagecoach Manchester X739 JCS, Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester
Given their recent acquisitions – of new buses as well as territories – a fares increase, even against First Greater Manchester’s recent news was inevitable. Dennis Dart SLF X739 JCS is seen here loading at Piccadilly Gardens.
  • Single fares up 10p (5p for children);
  • Megarider up 50p to £12.50;
  • Online monthly Megarider up to £46.00 – and same price as bought-on-the-bus equivalent;
  • Night bus fares up to £3.00;
  • Stagecoach Wigan and former Bluebird routes fares unaffected.

With effect from the 31 March 2013 [Easter Sunday], Stagecoach Manchester will be adding 10p on to single fares. This move, besides covering the day-to-day running costs, probably covers their company’s recent acquisitions. Therefore, the single fare on their 346 service from Ashton-under-Lyne to Dukinfield (Albion Hotel up to Yew Tree Lane/Cheetham Hill Road) will be £2.20 (or £1.10 for under-16s). Even with increases, their maximum single fare will be cheaper than First Greater Manchester’s. Continue reading “In Other News… Stagecoach Manchester Review Their Fares”

Bus Boss Blasts Bus Service Operators’ Grant Cuts

ConDems’ fuel tax hike and BSOG cut blamed for rising fares by Stagecoach Manchester MD

  • Fares to rise by average of 6% – but lower increases for regular bus users
  • 5% jump in English bus company operating costs in 2011
  • Bus fare increases less than half the rise in annual motoring costs

Rising costs and a 74% Government hike in fuel tax on buses has forced up fares for passengers, Stagecoach confirmed today.

Fares in Greater Manchester will rise by an average of 6% from Sunday 8th April 2012. However, Stagecoach has protected regular bus users by keeping the increase in its weekly megarider ticket to 4%.

The rises compare with a 14% rise in the annual cost of motoring reported by the RAC in November 2011.

An independent survey last year found that Stagecoach offers the best value bus fares of any major bus operator in the UK, with prices up to 20% lower than other companies.

However, Stagecoach said today that the Government’s 20% cut in Bus Service Operators Grant from 1 April, combined with the planned 3p fuel duty rise, would increase fuel tax on its bus passengers in England by 74%, sucking more than £1.5milion out of the local bus network in Greater Manchester. In contrast, trains pay virtually no tax on their fuel and planes pay none at all.

Bus operators across England have also faced rising costs in other areas including increased labour, energy and insurance costs. The annual Cost Index, compiled by the Confederation of Passenger Transport before the fuel tax changes, shows operating costs in the 12 months to 31 December 2011 had already risen by 5%.

Christopher Bowles, Managing Director of Stagecoach Manchester, said: “These damaging Government cuts and tax hike, combined with rising costs, are having a direct impact on bus fares and services across England.

“We share the frustration of our passengers, many of whom are on some of the lowest incomes. Along with businesses, they are already being squeezed by higher bills and energy prices.

“We have had to take some very tough decisions, but we have worked hard to keep fares down for those who rely on the bus the most. Our bus services continue to offer a greener, smarter and better value way to travel and we will also continue to re-invest the income from fares in improvements for passengers.”

A summary of the current and new prices in Manchester are listed below:

  • Adult Dayrider: up from £3.70 to £3.90;
  • Concessionary Dayrider: £1.85 to £1.95;
  • Megarider (7 day): £11.50 to £12.00;
  • Easyrider: £5.75 to £6.00;
  • Dayrider Plus One: £5.50 to £5.80;
  • Group Dayrider: £8.00 to £8.50;
  • Single Fares: up 10p (5p for concessions);
  • Magic Bus Single Fares, 314 (Offerton – Stockport) return fares: up 20p (10p for concessions).

S.V., 28 March 2012.

Fares Unfair #2: Does the Taxi Work Out Cheaper than Bus Fares?

Is the taxi really more expensive than bus fares in the Tameside area?

One of the great joys about living in the Tameside area is its proximity to the centre of Manchester and how each of the nine towns are close to each other. It is possible to walk to the next town from another within one hour if you are quite healthy. Its canals and arterial roads offer potential for cyclists to travel cheaply. The density of the borough also allows for good bus territory. Continue reading “Fares Unfair #2: Does the Taxi Work Out Cheaper than Bus Fares?”

The Concessionary Fares Budget Statement: Update

Since the previous article went to press on East of the M60, our fellows at System One Travelcards have reviewed the prices for their DaySavers and season tickets. Therefore, this article should be treated as an addendum to the previous one.

Revised fares for the recommended tickets stated in the previous article (effective from 03 April 2011):

  • System One DaySaver Plus One: £6.80 (up 13.3% – 80p on previous price);
  • System One Group DaySaver: £10.00 (up 11.1% – £1.00 on previous price);
  • System One Bus Saver Weekly: £9.50 (up 18.8% – £1.50 on previous price);
  • System One Bus Saver Monthly (28 days): £34.00 (up 13.3% – £4.00 on previous price).

As displayed above, passengers 5 – 16 years of age are going to be hardest hit by the revisions, given of course the transition from flat rate fares to half fares. From the 03 April 2011, this will bring Greater Manchester into line with Derbyshire County Council and Metro West Yorkshire’s concessionary fares. Continue reading “The Concessionary Fares Budget Statement: Update”

The Concessionary Fares Budget Statement

East of the M60’s guide on understanding Greater Manchester’s new half fare system

In the good old days of Greater Manchester Transport, I can remember travelling for 10p on any bus at any distance. Though 10p would only buy you half a copy of the Daily Star these days, it was 8p short of a copy of The Beano. Which seemed a princely sum then. Both being sat upstairs on the 343 route and Dennis the Menace were priceless to the Stuart Vallantine of 1985. Continue reading “The Concessionary Fares Budget Statement”

iGo Everywhere In My Mother’s Car These Days…

Concessionary bus fare hikes for April 2011

In a bid to protect subsidised routes and School Buses, GMITA will abolish the flat rate concessionary fare from April of this year. Instead of being 80p at any time of the day, casual passengers under 16 will forced to pay half the adult fare. Therefore, a young passenger from Ashton to Dukinfield will pay another 10 – 15p on the flat fare rate, as the adult single fare at present prices between these two points is £1.90. Continue reading “iGo Everywhere In My Mother’s Car These Days…”