Hip to See Squares: Ten Great Focal Piazzas

Our Latest Not So Perfect Ten looks at a fistful of focal piazzas outside London

In the last fifteen months, many of us have become more aware of their surroundings thanks to lockdown conditions. Exercising and trips out for essential items have been a local affair. Working from home has meant more people knowing their way around the local Co-op (other convenience store chains are available) instead of city centres or business parks.

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The Glory Days of the Payphone

A look at Tameside’s payphones, past and present

When Vince Met Giles: two K6 telephone boxes in central Manchester, seen outside the Town Hall Extension. A chance meeting between a creation by Vincent Harris and two of Giles Gilbert Scott’s finest. One of Tameside’s best known K6 boxes is the one on Bow Street and Market Street behind Ashton-under-Lyne’s indoor market hall. Image by Ian Livesey, 05 March 2016 (Public Domain).

In the last thirty years, the way we kept in contact with our friends and loved ones have changed dramatically. In 1987, having a mobile phone meant you were: 1) pretty loaded; 2) the head of a drugs cartel; or 3) a bodybuilder able to pick up the damn thing. Whilst City types were cavorting in and out of London in flash cars with car phones, the average Ashtonian struggled to find ten pence for the phone box outside Woolworths.

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