The Ghost of Quizmas Past: 2. 100% (1997)

Channel Five’s memorable quiz show without a host

Our Clip of Quizmas Past:

  • Quiz: 100%;
  • Presenter: Robin Houston (out of vision);
  • Made by: Grundy Productions;
  • First shown: Monday 31 March 1997.

There was a lot of excitement when Channel Five came to our screens. It was the UK’s first new terrestrial television station for nearly fifteen years. Instead of Martin Lambie-Nairn’s iconic logo and David Dundas’ Fourscore, the Spice Girls christened our latest addition to the electromagnetic spectrum. Well, almost as Channel Five terrestrial reception was patchy in many areas (and probably still is in Mossley on Freeview, like Channel Four was for four or so years).

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