Is your knowledge of the ’80s Tameside acceptable in the 2020s?

We’re probably running a bit late with this one: the answers to your Big Fat ’80s Tameside Quiz!

The Answers:

  1. In 1986, which Grand National Winner opened William Hill’s bookmakers in Hyde town centre? Red Rum.
  2. What did St. Peter and St. Paul’s School change its name to in 1980? All Saints Roman Catholic High School.
  3. In 1983, which Football League side was Hyde United drawn against in the F.A. Cup First Round? Burnley.
  4. In November 1981, Escape from New York was the first film to be shown at what cinema? The Metro Cinema, Ashton-under-Lyne.
  5. Which of the three names was a Dukinfield cotton mill that was demolished to make way for a Morrisons supermarket: a) Prince; b) King; or c) Queen? Queen.
  6. In September 1988, Audenshaw Grammar School was the first Tameside school to do what? Opt out of Local Authority Control as a Grant Maintained School.
  7. Who was the previous occupant of Ashton-under-Lyne’s McDonalds restaurant on Warrington Street? Shopper’s Paradise.
  8. In March 1985, Councillor Geoff Brierley officially opened which facility? Ashton-under-Lyne Bus Station (extra point for saying Mark 2).
  9. Opening in 1981, what did TAC stand for in relation to Tameside MBC’s Council Offices? Tameside Administrative Centre.
  10. In May 1980, which supermarket chain moved three of its smaller shops in Mossley to one bigger single shop in Top Mossley? The Co-op (Or if you want to be picky, United Norwest Co-op).
  11. What was the original name for GM Buses’ high frequency minibus services in Ashton prior to changing to Little Gem in January 1987? Ashton Minilyne.
  12. For a brief time in the 1980s, the Red Lion on Stamford Street was known as what unusual name out of a) The Frog and Bog; b) The Toad and Tulip; or c) The Rat and Ratchet? The Toad and Tulip.
  13. Name the Duran Duran spin-off group whose name could well have been ‘borrowed’ from the Ashton-under-Lyne Cooperative Society’s flagship store. Arcadia.
  14. What was the original name of Tameside General Hospital’s hospital radio station Eight Towns Radio? Heartbeat Radio.
  15. In 1989, which Droylsdonian singer had a Top Ten hit with a remixed cover version of The Timewarp? Damian.
  16. Other than the Automobile Association and Alcoholics’ Anonymous, the AA was also known as what in the Tameside area? Was it: a) Audenshaw Amateurs; b) A soft drinks manufacturer on Dukinfield Road; or was it c) All Ashton? A soft drinks manufacturer on Dukinfield Road.
  17. Besides Northern Premier League football, the stadium at Tameside Leisure Park (Ewen Fields) also played host to which other sports team in the late 1980s? Manchester Spartans, an American Football team.
  18. Which former Hyde Grammar School pupil found national fame as the presenter of Wacaday in 1987? Timmy Mallett (also known as Timmy on the Tranny on Piccadilly Radio in the early to mid 1980s).
  19. Which of the following wasn’t Mayor of Tameside during the 1980s: a) Brian Wild; b) Katherine Shaw; or c) Charles Meredith? Brian Wild (he didn’t become Mayor of Tameside till the year 2000).
  20. In BBC’s 1989 drama series Making Out, Lyne Electronics was based in which Dukinfield cotton mill out of the following: a) River Mill; b) Tower Mill; or c) Park Road Mill? Tower Mill.
  21. After being a bingo hall, the former Princess cinema on King Street, Dukinfield became what sports facility in 1985? A Snooker Hall.
  22. Which nightclub started life as The Gaslight Rooms before changing its name in 1981? Blues (on Stamford Street).
  23. According to the theme tune of Jossy’s Giants which was set largely in Stalybridge, football is a branch of…what? Is it: a) Science; b) Mathematics; or c) Woolworths? Science.
  24. True or False: the M67 motorway (which was fully opened in 1981) was part of a plan for a second cross-Pennine motorway between Sheffield and Manchester? True (it would have started from the A57(M) Mancunian Way and followed the Woodhead Line into Sheffield finishing at what is now Junction 27a of the M1).
  25. Which late 1980s comic was the brainchild of Hydonian cartoonist Tony Husband, Mark Rodgers and Patrick Gallagher? Oink.
  26. Which Denton pub opened at the start of the 1980s before its closure and demolition 40 years later? The Penny Farthing.
  27. In October 1984, Netherfield was on the receiving end of a 10 – 0 defeat by which one of our Tameside football clubs? Stalybridge Celtic.
  28. In April 1987, Queen Elizabeth the Second visited Ashton-under-Lyne to open what museum? The Museum of the Manchesters.
  29. Which structure, noted for its hundred-year-old banana tree, was renovated in the mid-1980s, only to fall derelict in more recent times? The John Nield Conservatory (will also accept Stamford Park Conservatory).
  30. Which supermarket chain moved their store from Langham Street to Cavendish Street in March 1989? ASDA.
  31. Which borough-wide sports event was created by Ron Hill in 1981 and revived earlier this year [2022]? The Tour of Tameside.
  32. True or False: Hyde based software house C*TECH published a Donkey Kong clone for the ZX Spectrum home computer (bonus points for remembering the title). True: it was called Krazy Kong (find out more in this clip).
  33. Which of the following names was a discount store on Warrington Street, Ashton-under-Lyne? Was it: a) You’re Unbelievable; b) It’s Remarkable; or c) It’s Incredible? It’s Incredible.
  34. Which Droylsden business was the subject of John Harvey-Jones’ Troubleshooter documentary series? Triang Sharma Toys.
  35. For most of the 1980s, what animal was etched on the side of a hill near Heyrod? A white horse.
  36. What was the name of Tameside MBC’s healthy eating mascot? Was it: a) Xanadu; b) Foodidoo; or c) Howdyadoo? Foodidoo.
  37. Which museum first opened in 1989 as a visitor centre off Portland Street South? The Portland Basin Museum.
  38. In December 1986 and January 1987, Jim Bowen starred in which pantomime at Tameside Theatre? Robinson Crusoe.
  39. In November 1980, Mossley AFC claimed their only scalp against Football League opposition. Who was the team they beat 1 – 0, thanks to a goal by Mobley? Crewe Alexandra.
  40. Which railway station on the Hadfield and Glossop line opened in May 1985? Flowery Field.

How well did you fare?

Is your knowledge of 1980s Tameside Football League First Division level or Hyde and District Sunday League Fifth Division level?

  • 36 – 40: UEFA Champions League Winners: you probably know who built the tower on Hartshead Pike and read The Story of Mossley from cover to cover in your toddling years. Make that a fish and chip support from Oxford Street Chippy in Stalybridge.
  • 31 – 35: Barclays Premier League Winners: you must be a regular visitor to Ashton Local Studies Library and assiduously read the local papers. Please accept a tin of Quality Street for your efforts.
  • 26 – 30: EFL Championship Winners: you have a genuine interest in all things of a Tameside nature. Keep up the good work and carry on learning. Please accept a box of Quality Street.
  • 21 – 25: National League Premier Division Winners: you may know your Tameside places though might not remember some parts of the 1980s. If you were born well after that decade we forgive you. Please accept this hamper of Hill’s Biscuits and save me an orange cream or two.
  • 16 – 20: Northern Premier League Premier Division Champions: not bad but not good either. Probably a good score for kids. Enjoy this packet of Hill’s Custard Creams.
  • 11 – 15: North West Counties League First Division Winners: if you have lived in Tameside for five years or more in the 1980s, your favourite English teacher should write “See Me” in red pen. Have a consolation Hill’s custard cream with a soft drink of your choice.
  • 10 or less: Manchester League Premier Division Winners: if you have never lived in the borough of Tameside, I wouldn’t worry too much about your score. Whether you have or not, please accept our I Did The Big Fat ’80s Tameside Quiz certificate.

You can also download your very own copy of the I Did The Big Fat ’80s Tameside Quiz and share it with your friends. Pin it on the office wall, plonk it on the side of your fridge, put it in a frame even.

S.V., 24 July 2022.

Also a proud contestant in the Tameside Quiz League since November 2014.

One thought on “Our Big Fat ’80s Tameside Quiz: The Answers

  1. Really enjoyed this quiz, many thanks! But I performed appallingly for someone who lived through every year of the eighties in Wild, wild Tameside. I was a mere tadpole, in apology. By way of slightly pedantic revenge: wasn’t Triang-Sharma actually ‘Sharna’ with an ‘N’ – I had an Uncle who worked there when it was known as Sharna-ware. At the time they were manufacturing Action Man scaled tanks and Motorbikes-with-sidecar. I actually watched the John Harvey Jones documentary when it was broadcast – the Troubleshooter’s suggestions didn’t pay off, since the factory was closed in 1991-2? Of course I’m probably wrong so my humilation will be doubled … !


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