East of the M60’s 2021 Advent Calendar looks at Warrington-Runcorn legend Eileen Bilton

If you lived in Granadaland during the 1980s, you might have heard of Eileen Bilton through the Warrington-Runcorn adverts. A mainstay of any Granada Television ad break, the telephone numbers of Warrington 39591 or 33334 is etched on the minds of some viewers of a certain age.

Like Northampton, the Warrington and Runcorn New Town Development Corporation extolled the two towns’ transport links in their adverts. Both Warrington and Runcorn had in the mid-1980s (and still do to this day) direct trains to London Euston. Warrington, more so than Runcorn, has excellent motorway links. Both of which a win-win for office space and anybody wishing to lease warehouse space in Murdishaw or Burtonwood.

In this advert, we see the Cheshire towns being billed as The Nation’s Most Central Location. We see a flexible tower block turning right, which is a little bit of poetic licence as Warrington isn’t really associated with Manhattan/Canary Wharf/Manchester city centre skylines.

By 1988, Ms. Bilton left Warrington and Runcorn New Town Development Corporation to form the Eileen Bilton Partnership – a letting agents with its niche in Warrington and Runcorn. In 2013, she sold her business to Altus as a going concern. Under the name of Altus Eileen Bilton, it stayed in Warrington. Later, business was transferred to its Stretford office on Talbot Road.

For our fourth door, we take a closer look at the town that held onto the coat tails of its (one-time Lancastrian) sibling. See you at the Castlefields bus stop!

S.V., 03 December 2021.

Image by John Shipley, 2016 (Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0 (CC BY 4.0)).

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