Last Sunday in July sees stand changes for bulk of Oldham’s bus services

Almost a week after the abolition of COVID restrictions and social distancing measures, there will be further changes for Oldham’s bus passengers besides the usual service changes. From the 25th July 2021, a significant number of bus routes will see a change of stand position at Oldham Bus Station.

Some services will use the same stands as present. The 84, 180, 184 and 343 routes will use G stand as normal. Moving over to G stand is the 350 route, thus making the stand closest to Home Bargains the preserve of Saddleworthian bus routes.

The one exception to this rule is Nexus Move’s 356 route. That will be moving to A stand, presently used by Rochdale-bound 409s. Whilst on that subject, these journeys will be using L stand instead of A stand. The 81 route – its present occupant – will be moving to the neighbouring M stand, along with the 426 to Fitton Hill.

A Stand will be the preserve of TfGM tendered routes, many of which using smaller buses. The 81’s tendered Derker journeys – along with Stott’s Tours’ 402 and Nexus Move’s 356 routes – will all be moving to A stand from C stand. The 183 to Royal Oldham Hospital will be moving over from L stand, which will also be joined by the 159 to Middleton (moving over from B stand). If you need a latte before the Diggle bus, Costa Coffee is a good few yards closer.

Making the move to C stand will be two local routes: the 425 to Holts Estate (from M stand) and the 82 to Sholver (from G stand). There will a new occupant on K stand with Mumps Bridge-bound 59s sharing its stand with the 76 and 76A. As for the tendered 76 journeys towards Mahdlo and Egerton Street, L stand with the Rochdale-bound 409s. For Ashtonians seeking Primark bargains, the ‘9 bus’ new position will be advantageous (“Also pretty good for Rhode Island Coffee” – Ed).

Ashton-bound 409s will be moving back a stand from D to B, swapping places with Manchester-bound 59s (moving from B to D). Moving over to E stand will be two Shaw-bound buses: the 57 for Rushcroft, and the 408 to Rochdale (via Wren’s Nest, Newhey and Milnrow). These routes will move over from F stand and C stand respectively. Two tendered routes will be moving from K stand to F stand. These will be the 149 to North Manchester General Hospital and the 183 for Limeside.

As well as the 76, 76A, 84, 180, 184 and 343 routes, there will also be no change in stand positions for school buses, scheduled coach services, excursion coaches, and the 403 and 415 bus routes.

In Brief

Oldham Bus Station’s stand changes

  • From F to E: 57 (Rushcroft);
  • From E to K: 59 (Mumps Bridge);
  • From B to D: 59 (Shudehill Interchange);
  • From J to L: 76 (Mahdlo and Egerton Street – evening tendered journeys);
  • From C to A: 81 (Derker – evening tendered journeys), 356 (Ashton-under-Lyne via Saddleworth and Stalybridge), 402 (Derker);
  • From L to M: 81 (Piccadilly Gardens), 426 (Fitton Hill);
  • From G to C: 82 (Sholver);
  • From K to F: 149 (North Manchester General Hospital), 183 (Limeside);
  • From B to A: 159 (Middleton);
  • From L to A: 183 (Royal Oldham Hospital);
  • From C to G: 350 (Ashton-under-Lyne via Saddleworth, Mossley and Tameside General Hospital);
  • From C to E: 408 (Rochdale via Shaw, Newhey and Milnrow);
  • From A to L: 409 (Rochdale);
  • From D to B: 409 (Ashton-under-Lyne);
  • From M to C: 425 (Holts Estate).


  • 84: Huddersfield – Marsden – Diggle – Dobcross – Uppermill – Grotton – Lees – Oldham – Hollinwood – Failsworth – Newton Heath – Piccadilly Gardens (both directions);
  • 180: Oldham – Roundthorn – Lees – Grotton – Lydgate – Grasscroft – Greenfield;
  • 184: Huddersfield – Marsden – Diggle – Dobcross – Uppermill – Grotton – Lees – Springhead – Greenacres – Oldham (both directions);
  • 343: Oldham – Greenacres/Glodwickª – Waterhead/Roundthornª – Austerlands/Leesª – Grotton – Mossley – Stalybridge – Dukinfield – Hyde;
  • 403: Oldham – Royal Oldham Hospital – Shaw – Royton – Heyside Circular;
  • 415: Oldham – Chadderton – Foxdenton Park – Middleton Junction – Alkrington Garden Village – Middleton;
  • Scheduled coach services (National Express);
  • Excursion coaches (Yelloway Coach Services);
  • Holiday coaches (i.e.: Alfa Travel, National Holidays, Shearings);
  • School bus routes.

ª – Sunday and Bank Holiday journeys only.

S.V., 05 July 2021.

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