A Brazen Banger: Heck’s Feck Sausages

Feast of the M60 reviews Heck’s latest sausage sensation

ALDI, Stalybridge, 1.45 pm: thanks to the third lockdown and one of my parents shielding till the 1st April, I have been charged with doing the big shop. After falling out of love with trudging heavy bags from Morrisons, I discovered ALDI – thanks to being back from a football match far earlier than expected last September. The biggest challenge is trying to find something good for tea that everyone would like at a reasonable cost. In my most recent shop, I came across something different in the cooked meats department.

A pack of sausages inspired by the late Frank Kelly’s most famous comedy character. Any reference to Father Ted was enough to get me purchasing the things. The £1.99 price tag for equally attractive. A change from ALDI’s already delectable Cumberland ones.

With the Father Jack reference, I thought this was Heck cashing-in on the St. Patrick’s Day market. How right I was.

In the weeks around St. Patrick’s Day, Heck sell their limited edition Feck sausages. They are made with pork and ale and billed in their literature as “lovely, lean and beery”. The Daily Mirror said they were fine for “a romantic dinner for two, or partying like the Irish with your flatmates”.

Instead of wanting to hear what everybody else has said about the sausages, here’s Feast of the M60‘s review.

Who the feck are Heck?

Heck are a North Yorkshire based sausage makers. Their raison d’etre is brilliant bangers of varying types for all tastes. If Heck were a brewery, they would be the Yorkshire version of Brewdog or Thornbridge. Before the UK left the European Union, they applied for funding from the EU to open a tourist attraction called Sausage World (“What’s the wurst that could happen?” – Ed). Their bid for funding a visitor centre in Bedale, to the tune of £4million, didn’t succeed.

If you fancy bog-standard pork sausage, Heck’s delights are a bit more adventurous. Their creations include Heck 97% and Chicken Italia. Whereas Heck’s Feck sold for £1.99 in ALDI, expect to pay at least £3.00 for any of their wares as seen below.

Heck Sausages, Morrisons
Heck sausages, as seen in Morrisons.

The proof of the pudding

Our Feck sausages were done in the oven and served with mash and carrots. According to the Heck website, they are best served with Colcannon Mash. For our test, we used ALDI’s frozen mash, their Quixo gravy granules and tinned carrots.

The sausages would have been better served with onion gravy and, most obviously, the Colcannon Mash. Nevertheless, it still went well with plain mash. The sausages themselves are best served with mash and gravy – possibly with garden peas or sliced leeks. The ale they used wasn’t bad, though it wasn’t clear on the packet as to which ale they used. (At least Panda proudly said their Shandy was made with Badger Beer, looking after one part of the South West English economy).

As the texture was very dry, the gravy was a must. The meat was lean, no gristle and flavoursome.

Heck Feck sausages on a plate
Three of Heck’s Feck sausages, tried and tested by yours truly.


Outside those 50 weeks when these sausages aren’t available, Heck’s Feck sausages wouldn’t set the sausage world alight. They are a step above your basic own brand pork sausages and make for a decent enough teatime sausage option. As they have a dry texture, I wouldn’t use them on sausage butties without tomato sauce or brown sauce. Personally, I wouldn’t serve them with chips and baked beans. Yet as part of an Irish brunch with black pudding and white pudding, a worthy addition.

If you see them in ALDI, you need to be quick as they are only around for a limited period. Very good, but not exactly world beating.

  • Presentation: 78% (nice green sleeve, love the name);
  • Taste: 83% (very good, could be a bit more adventurous for some palates. Nice lean pork.);
  • Looks: 76% (not bad, look a little bit like own brand sausages);
  • Value For Money: 80% (good at £1.99).

Overall Rating: 73%.

S.V., 24 March 2021.

2 thoughts on “A Brazen Banger: Heck’s Feck Sausages

  1. I’d strongly avoid the chicken sausages, they taste reasonably ok HOWEVER the wrap used is like concrete, very hard to chew through giving jaw ache after a while.


    1. Hi Leeds,

      The very two words, ‘chicken’ and ‘sausages’, when used together sound like an absolute no-no to me. That is partly due to ignorance as I haven’t had chicken sausages of any description. I now know which brand to avoid if I don’t want to break my teeth.

      I noticed that ALDI do their own chicken sausages and, yes, I was tempted to see what they are like. As to what one has with them – other than as part of a sausage casserole – I weren’t too sure. (Any suggestions are welcome, so feel free to comment on here).




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