ELO’s most famous work in brass band form

  • Piece: Mr Blue Sky;
  • Composer: Jeff Lynne;
  • Arranger: Christopher Wormald.

“More…” You want more… For this year’s Brass Banding Advent Calendar, we finish off our virtual concert with an ELO song from 1977. One that is as well known by toddlers as it is with grandparents and great grandparents.

We finish Brass Banding Goes Pop with Mr Blue Sky, the fourth and final movement of Concerto for a Rainy Day. Taking up the whole of Side Three on their 1977 LP Out of the Blue, the song peaked at Number Six in 1978. Later, it picked up two platinum discs. Yes, over 1.2 million singles sold, as well as a platinum disc for the album it came from.

Today’s band is York Railway Institute Band. In their present form, they were founded in 1952 when the Ebor Excelsior and York City brass bands merged. Most of the band’s members were railwaymen at the time.

Behind the door

There could only be one picture: a landscape with some blue sky. As for the view, one of Tameside, Manchester and a few more westerly parts of our city region. Lovingly taken from the summit of Wild Bank (near Stalybridge), one Saturday in August this year.

…And that’s your lot for this year

We hope you have enjoyed this year’s Brass Banding Advent Calendar. If it gave you enough Christmas cheer, we are glad it did. Once we stop the pandemic, we cannot wait to see our bands back at the concerts. Back at the contests, also in our band rooms, theatres, parks and on our streets.

Next year’s Brass Banding Advent Calendar will return as Brass Banding at the Movies. Stay tuned for further announcements the closer we get to the 1st December 2021. Take care, stay safe, and here’s to a peaceful and (hopefully) brass band filled 2021.

S.V., 26 December 2020.

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