A Merry Christmas to you all with a modern day classic

  • Piece: Happy;
  • Composers: Pharrell Williams;
  • Arranger: Michael Pilley.

Well, you have shouted and clapped loud enough for the encore set. Let’s start with a modern-day classic, one that has increased in popularity over recent years.

Pharrell Williams’ Happy is known by almost anyone aged eight weeks to 108 years of age. It featured in the soundtrack of Despicable Me 2, the second of a successful series of animated films starring the Minions. With a successful movie franchise behind its marketing muscle, it was a Number One chart single almost everywhere around the world. Apart from Scotland (where it peaked at Number Two) and North Korea (which, to the best of our knowledge, lacks a music industry).

In today’s Brass Band Advent Calendar window, we have BD1 Brass Band’s performance from a previous Brass Factor contest. BD1, taking the name from its city’s postcode, is a member of the City of Bradford Brass Band family. Launched in 2014 – a year after Happy‘s chart entry – they are a formidable Second Section band.

For tomorrow’s window, we have another feel good piece of popular music for your ears. Something we can do with at this moment in time.

Behind the door

There are several things that could define happiness, but nothing says happiness better than a smile. We have a rubber ball with a smiley face in a lake. Presumably waiting to be picked up by a Golden Retriever.

S.V., 25 December 2020.

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