A brass band transcription of Charles Aznavour’s most famous work

  • Piece: She;
  • Composer: Charles Aznavour/Herbert Kretzmer;
  • Arranger: Alan Fernie;
  • Soloist: Mark Wilkinson.

Charles Aznavour is probably the only French-Armenian born singer to top the UK Singles Chart. His most famous song, She, did just that in 1974 with a four-week stay at the top.

The song’s release in 1974 coincided with its use in London Weekend Television’s Seven Faces of Woman. This was seven self-contained plays depicting women at certain stages of their life. Of the seven plays, only three of them were written by women.

Though Seven Faces of Woman is largely forgotten about, more people have heard of its theme tune. Its slow melody makes for a good solo work, as seen with Mark Wilkinson’s performance. Great work on the cornet, Mark.

In tomorrow’s Brass Banding Goes Pop window, we have a concert classic for you. Also a bit of classic brass banding footage, courtesy of the late great Bob Smithies.

Behind the door

We have a view of the Yerevan Cascade, a ginormous stairway in the capital of Armenia. Between its stairs are art galleries and restaurants. At the top of the stairway is a statue, which is a short walk from the Charles Aznavour House Museum. Properly known as The Aznavour Centre, it opened on the 01 June 2017, and their website is worth a peek.

S.V., 21 December 2020.

Yerevan Cascade image by Gerd Eichmann, 2019 (Creative Commons License 3.0: Attribution-ShareAlike).

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