Gimme Gimme Gimme (A Band After Midnight)

  • Piece: ABBA Gold;
  • Composers: Benny Andersson/Bjorn Ulvaeus;
  • Arranger: Ron Sebregts.

No Christmas do or playlist is complete without a few ABBA tunes. The pinnacle of Dad Dancing classics is arguably Dancing Queen whereas Mamma Mia!‘s preeminence in the Singing In The Show Stakes is undisputed.

What’s more, brass bands can do ABBA very well. A beautifully arranged ABBA song or selection of songs by the Swedish legends never fails to entertain concert audiences. Here’s living proof of this, courtesy of Yorkshire Tractions Honley Band.

As heard in Ron Sebregts’ ABBA Gold, we have a selection of their greatest hits, starting with Dancing Queen and Mamma Mia!. In a concert programme, this is a nice rousing number for the penultimate piece of the first half. Or the last piece before the raffle draw.

After we close for the raffle draw, tomorrow’s Advent Calendar window will be a Christmas classic. One that has been censored by Radio One, though played in its uncensored form on Radio Two. (Expect a few utterances from right-wing commentators including the use of that W word – you know, the past tense of waking up).

Behind the door

We have an iconic car, an export that was once second only to ABBA records in terms of Swedish exports. Yes, it is a 1970s Volvo, and a sweet little motor she is at that.

S.V., 19 December 2020.

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