The theme from Flashdance in brass form

  • Piece: What A Feeling;
  • Composer: Giorgio Moroder;
  • Arranger: Frank Bernaerts.

Metal on metal: a phrase that can be descriptive about rail travel. Without welders, Kraftwerk’s favoured mode of transport would be impossible. Even welders of a fictitious kind.

Flashdance could have easily been set in Sheffield. Maybe the Shildon Works where the late great George Allan was gainfully employed when he wasn’t writing classic brass band marches. In the film, Alex aims to escape the joys of her welding job for dancing. Her long term ticket out of working in high temperatures is to be a professional ballerina. The film is also a love story between Alex (Jennifer Beals) and Nick Hurley (Michael Nouri).

As seen in Portmeirion, we have Penkhull Village Brass’ rendition of What A Feeling. The band are situated in Staffordshire, just outside Stoke-on-Trent. (Well, literally touching distance of the town that is the administrative centre of the wider City of Stoke-on-Trent; Hanley town centre is the city’s retail heart).

As to why they are playing in Portmeirion, you would have heard of Portmeirion Pottery. Also Portmeirion China, whose factory shop is based in nearby Boothen. The other link is the village architect’s family connections: Clough Williams-Ellis’ daughter Susan Williams-Ellis, who took over A.E. Gray Ltd. After purchasing a second pottery company, Kirkhams, Portmeirion Pottery was born. The rest, as they say…

Behind tomorrow’s Advent Calendar window will be a football connection. This time, a song that is beloved of Stoke City fans.

Behind the door

We took a trip to HSS Hire Shop for our Advent Calendar Window item. It was either there or Cash Converters (ALDI might have had one in the middle aisle but we skipped that store). Given that Flashdance was our chosen piece, it had to be a welding machine.

S.V., 17 December 2020.

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