Secret Garden’s song in solo cornet form

  • Piece: You Raise Me Up;
  • Composer: Rolf Løvland/Brendan Graham;
  • Arranger: Andrew Duncan.

Back in March 2002, Norwegian/Irish group Secret Garden created a song that started life as Silent Story. It was an instrumental piece that took on a life of its own when Brendan Graham added some suitable lyrics. The original song, by Secret Garden was a modest international success.

A year later, it was covered Josh Groban, another modest success. Three years later, as the lead single from Westlife’s Face to Face album, it was a huge hit. In October 2005, it topped the UK singles charts and became the group’s thirteenth chart-topper. Since the release of Westlife’s cover version, it became one of the most popular funeral songs.

Our version behind the sixth door in our advent calendar is performed by Hauts-de-France Brass Band, and is our first soloist in this year’s virtual concert programme. As for tomorrow’s piece, we have a Fernie Favourite: an arrangement of a song by The Beatles.

Behind the door

We could have had a picture of those Paternoster Lifts in the Arts Tower at Sheffield University, but it might have been too geeky. Instead, we have a nice crane. There’s more chance of getting a model version of one of these from The Entertainer instead of

S.V., 06 December 2020.

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