What is Christmas like without one at the top of the tree?

  • Piece: Angels;
  • Composer: Robbie Williams/Guy Chambers;
  • Arranger: Steve Sykes.

Here’s another tune that has established itself as a karaoke classic: Robbie Williams’ breakthrough solo hit Angels. After a cover version of George Michael’s Freedom ’90, it was a Williams/Chambers work that put the former Take That star on the map as a leading solo artiste. It missed out on the top spot, peaking at Number 4. Nevertheless, it became the 38th best selling single in 1997 and the 26th best selling single in 1998 in the UK singles charts. To this day, it is Robbie Williams’ best-selling single.

It has been covered by many artistes, either as a power ballad or as a pastiche of 1950s rockabilly music. In our advent calendar, we bring you The Cory Band’s version. A magnificent arrangement by Steve Sykes and the kind of virtuoso performance you could only expect from one of the world’s greatest brass bands.

Tomorrow’s piece is inspired by Dvorak and Procol Harum’s best known hit single. You could say it is our most lightweight piece.

Behind the door

An angel (we do apologise for the temporary lack of originality).

S.V., 04 December 2020.

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