Heavy metal with heavy metal instruments? Why not?

  • Piece: Welcome to the Jungle;
  • Composer: Axl Rose;
  • Arranger: Paul Murtha.

Who needs electric guitars for an heavy metal group? Stalybridge has had a heavy metal group since 1809 – the oldest brass band in the world, no less in Stalybridge Old Band. For our second door, Drogheda Brass Band are seen playing a tune by Guns ‘n’ Roses.

Welcome To The Jungle opens Guns ‘n’ Roses’ best-selling album Appetite For Destruction. If you are familiar with the original song, Axl Rose’s rasping vocals is a solid opening tune alongside other great tracks like Paradise City, Rocket Queen and Night Train. The brass band version isn’t bad at all.

Tomorrow’s piece is a karaoke classic by Neil Diamond. Could you guess which one it will be? The name has something to do with a famous daughter.

Behind the door

We at East of the M60 apologise for the distinct lack of originality for today’s window image. It is a jungle scene.

S.V., 02 December 2020.

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