Lionel Richie’s classic ’80s tune, played by a Macclesfield band

Before we start, the fire doors are the way you came in, beside the trombone section, and the back door which leads to where the Christmas tree was last year…

  • Piece: All Night Long (All Night);
  • Composer: Lionel Richie;
  • Arranger: Leigh Baker.

For this year’s Brass Band Advent Calendar, we open with a song that was a Number Two chart single for Lionel Richie. In the UK singles chart, it was kept off the top spot by Billy Joel’s Uptown Girl.

The original hit single is a surefire dance floor filler. Its brass band equivalent wouldn’t sound out of place in a discotheque or wedding do.

Tomorrow’s piece will be quite a contrast. A heavy metal classic performed by heavy metal instruments (and we mean Eb Basses instead of electric guitars).

Behind the door

As Cinderella’s coach turned into a pumpkin after midnight, we can assure this was never the case with our ‘night bus’ in recent history. Today’s present is a Dennis Dart SLF bus, photographed in January 2013 on the 415 route to Middleton at Oldham Central Bus Station. It is now operated by Go North West and (on evenings, Sundays and Bank Holidays) Stagecoach Greater Manchester.

S.V., 01 December 2020.

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