More lockdown fun for all the family – especially bus enthusiasts

At this very moment, England is in its second lockdown. Non-essential retail premises have closed, which has meant only chemists, supermarkets and variety stores can continue trading. Whereas supermarkets are able to sell ‘non-essential’ merchandise, managers have reserved the right to cordon off non-essential items. Like books (no good if you have mock exams), clothing (no good if you have a Traditional Non-Zoom Job Interview) and toys (no good if you want to get your Christmas shopping out of the way).

On that note, the internet has had to fill the gap. One avenue is The World’s Favourite Tax-Dodging Retailer and Media Giant. Another is eBay or various other online retailers. As for the other avenue, bus geeks like yours truly that have identified a gap in the market for Greater Manchester Transport/SELNEC/GM Buses themed puzzles.

As the saying goes, you wait ages for Escape to the Pantry to return then two activities come along at once. You could safely say we have hit Peak Pantry with this one.

Two Transport Themed Word Search Puzzles

Yes, in glorious Adobe Pee-Dee-Eff format, we have two printable word search puzzles for your perusal, entertainment and puzzling needs. Just the thing to do with a Blakey style clipboard in a socially distanced chemist queue. The puzzles are as follows:

1. Pick You Up Tomorrow As Usual

With our first word search puzzle, Pick You Up Tomorrow As Usual is a list of 29 iconic transport termini and timing points on Greater Manchester bus routes past and present. It includes a few quirky names like Red Rock. Also modern-day termini including the intu Trafford Centre and Logistics North.

Pick You Up Tomorrow As Usual was used as an advertising tagline for the launch of Greater Manchester Buses (GM Buses), GMT’s deregulation-era successor.

2. Depot Sweet Depot

Our second word search puzzle looks at the bus depots inherited and built by Greater Manchester Transport from 1974 to 1985. These include Stockport’s two depots (Charles Street and Daw Bank) and Queens Road (Chez Go North West and Greater Manchester Museum of Transport of course). Younger bus geeks might want to ask an older bus-loving relative for help with some of the closed garages.

Before I go…

Have fun and happy puzzling. If you enjoyed the first two word search puzzles, we might have a few more to follow.

S.V., 09 November 2020

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